Meaning of repressively in English:



See repressive

‘Unlike most Americans, having lived in the Soviet Union, I have some experiences of a society where a national ID system was used relatively repressively.’
  • ‘For Michel, the authority of the museum operates in tandem with the authority of the state, and both function repressively to produce a passive viewer/subject.’
  • ‘When tracing minorities over time, we have repeatedly observed that violent political action follows a period of nonviolent activity that was either ignored or dealt with repressively.’
  • ‘The drama is about the repressively totalitarian, Catholic values of 1568 Spain clashing with the liberal-humanitarian ideals of Prince Carlos and his gallant friend the Marquis of Posa.’
  • ‘At the ballet's close they follow Eva, her charisma intact, as she is banished from this unforgiving, repressively puritanical sect.’