Meaning of repressor in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈprɛsə/


  • A substance which acts on an operon to inhibit enzyme synthesis.

    ‘Complex interactions of receptor and partner Smad with inhibitory Smad, coactivators or repressors, and regulatory proteins ultimately determine the wide range of activation or inhibition of TGF—dependent gene expression.’
    • ‘The major outcomes were that anxiety level did affect both attention and retention and repressors were not inhibited in their processing of emotional words.’
    • ‘According to the first proposed mechanism, the repressor substance, probably an RNA-binding destabilizing protein, acts not directly on the Makorin1 gene but upon the mRNA that is transcribed by the gene.’
    • ‘Mutations in the gene mexR coding for the repressor protein result in reduced affinity for the promoter target and upregulation of the mexAB-oprM operon.’
    • ‘The nonspecific binding of Cro repressor to a long stretch of DNA was also studied with Brownian dynamics simulation.’