Meaning of reputative in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈpjuːtətɪv/


  • Generally considered or reputed to be.

    ‘The first signal from our reputative prime minister is that, for him, union reforms laws are in place and ready to bite.’
    • ‘A joint occupation for five or six years is sufficient for to make reputative appurtenances.’
    • ‘Nor is he such a physician, as to perform, but a supposed, or reputative cure.’
    • ‘Remission of sin is not the mere cold reputative or forensic remission of a legal bond or debt.’
    • ‘Constables, having received a warrant from the Justice to apprehend the reputative father, shall willingly or negligently suffer him to escape.’
    supposed, putative


Mid 17th century from medieval Latin reputativus, from Latin reputare ‘think over’.