Meaning of reread in English:


Pronunciation /ˈriːriːd/

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verbpast participle verb reread/riːˈrɛd/

[with object]
  • Read (a text) again.

    ‘I reread the poem’
    • ‘I spent the next few hours reading and rereading the letters, maps and lists that I had been sent.’
    • ‘After reading the first text, participants in the same text condition were told that they would be rereading the same text.’
    • ‘I'm teaching it to my composition students right now, and I just spent the last day or so rereading the book.’
    • ‘To be honest I can't even be bothered rereading the article to refresh my memory about what I had to say.’
    • ‘I have been rereading several magazines that I have bought over the last couple of months concerning Linux.’
    • ‘After staring at them for a few moments, she began rereading her notes and relishing in her own calculations.’
    • ‘He'd just finished rereading the letter a fourth time when a knock on his door caused him to suddenly jerk his head up.’
    • ‘She finally found her courage in rereading the letter, knowing that she would have to see him sometime.’
    • ‘In rereading my notes from these meetings I am reminded how tenuous the project was at its inception.’
    • ‘Williams sat at her desk, staring glumly at her open notebook, rereading the filled pages.’
    • ‘Upon rereading the original letter, she saw it in an entirely different light.’
    • ‘But as any who read or reread those essays will know, a huge depth of learning, often from the archives, underpinned the edifice of argument.’
    • ‘I've read and reread her letters to me, and she seems to think that I'm perfect.’
    • ‘Reading, writing and rereading my list keeps me in a positive frame of mind.’
    • ‘The researcher read and reread the verbatim transcripts to identify and extract significant statements.’
    • ‘Over a two-day period, a copy editor reads and rereads a manuscript, word for word, sentence for sentence, page for page.’
    • ‘She read and reread the letters and cried until she fell asleep.’
    • ‘They practiced reading and rereading their selections, with expression, until they got it just right.’
    • ‘A video does not replace a mother reading and rereading a favorite story.’
    • ‘It is by reading and rereading that the poem's many movements and voices are eventually deciphered.’
    go over, reread, run through, study, memorize


in singular
  • An act of reading something again.

    ‘the report got a routine reread’
    • ‘I think one of the readers of this website had recommended this book to me a long while back, and I'm giving it a reread.’
    • ‘I read his book some time ago, but I suspect it might be worth a reread.’
    • ‘However, despite the extended whinge about paying good cash for a reread, this is one book which I would love to find in my Christmas stocking.’
    • ‘Some are good, some are bad, and some fall somewhere between, but all are a good reread.’
    • ‘They've had the rereads, and they can't just have two or three sentences when they want a reread.’
    • ‘Amy's eyes scanned the words and after a few rereads she asked, ‘What happened last night?’’
    • ‘Anyway, I just gave it a reread and found it to be just as good as the first read back in the 1960s.’
    • ‘Then, I gave it a reread. And another. It's good stuff.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that I edited this book, and was intimately involved with the material, I gave it a reread and I have to say, it rocks.’
    • ‘I was hugely disappointed with her last book (it never got a reread, only sits on the keeper shelf because it's part of the series).’
    • ‘We show that, under reasonable assumptions, significant enhancements are achieved by a reread.’
    • ‘Be sure to mark confusing parts of the piece you are reading, or sections that warrant a reread.’
    • ‘In my mind, the whole point of a reread is to do a close analysis of the text in light of all the information that we've got so far.’
    • ‘They got so excited by the story that the moment Max ended his adventure there was a request for a reread on the spot.’
    • ‘I think I may have start from the beginning and do a reread.’