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Pronunciation /ˈrɛzɪd(ə)nt/

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  • 1A person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.

    ‘it was a beautiful hamlet with just 100 residents’
    • ‘Citizens or permanent residents of other countries must have a valid passport and/or a valid visitor's visa.’
    • ‘The majority of the permanent residents are retired ‘incomers’ devoted to growing their own vegetables and etching.’
    • ‘Only four of the 10 houses on the street are now owned by long-term residents.’
    • ‘The elderly nursing home residents were screened as they were selected to participate in the study.’
    • ‘The majority of the city's residents have lived here for generations.’
    • ‘Local residents have been angered by the Council's lack of action to keep the historic landmark.’
    • ‘Nearby residents complained about the smoke and burnt paper that was blown onto their property.’
    • ‘He urged residents concerned about the late-night licence application to go to court next Tuesday.’
    • ‘Already, angry residents in the area are collecting a petition to go to the council complaining about the situation.’
    • ‘He also sought to reassure residents concerned about the impact on the borough's skyline.’
    • ‘Worried residents also fear the mast could devalue their homes and put their health at risk.’
    • ‘Campaigners and neighbouring residents fear the 1840 landmark will be sold for housing development.’
    • ‘Many of the island's residents attended the event, as did hundreds of visitors from the mainland.’
    • ‘Increasingly, residents feel afraid to walk the streets at night.’
    • ‘The company was receptive to the idea when representatives met residents on the estate.’
    • ‘However, if residents on the estate wanted to recycle cardboard a small fee might be levied.’
    • ‘Three weeks after opening, residents complained of foul odors.’
    • ‘There are many older residents in the vicinity, many of whom are disabled.’
    • ‘The hospital can acquire land owned by residents in the vicinity if it really needs parking space.’
    • ‘The developer met with residents at a meeting organised by the development committee.’
    inhabitant, local
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    1. 1.1A bird, butterfly, or other animal of a species that does not migrate.
      ‘arctic residents are joined annually by long-distance migrants’
      • ‘March is a good time to begin to learn bird song with our resident species easier to hear before all the summer warblers arrive to make the task of identification more difficult.’
      • ‘Some Washington birds are resident, but most migrate either north-south, or up and down in elevation.’
      • ‘Its many distinctive habitats offer some of the most wonderful resident, migrating, and wintering bird species in the area.’
      • ‘Roughly seven weeks ago the City of New York released four bald eagles in a park at the northern tip of Manhattan, hoping to re-establish the bird as a local resident.’
      • ‘Most pipits and wagtails are migratory, although some southern species may be residents.’
      • ‘The distinction between residents and transient species is not clear for all components of the fauna.’
      • ‘These invertebrates provide food that sustain both resident and migrating birds.’
      • ‘Eastern Washington populations are migratory, while west-side birds are resident.’
      • ‘This can result in the transmission of pathogens from introduced to naïve resident animals, or from resident to naive-introduced animals.’
      • ‘Less mobile residents include several species of nudibranchs and sea hares, which are numerous in the early spring.’
      • ‘Because origin could not be ascertained, both species were classified as resident as well as nomadic.’
      • ‘A third hypothesis is based on the idea that resident and migratory species may use different strategies to acquire territories and breeding opportunities.’
      • ‘They are a successful and aggressive species who are permanent residents in America.’
      • ‘This could lead anyone to think that they are sedentary birds, resident in the same area throughout their lives.’
      • ‘Blue Jays are year-round residents across most of their range, but some northern birds do migrate south in the fall.’
      • ‘Boreal Chickadees are one of only a few species of songbird that are year-round residents in boreal forest.’
      • ‘As many as 29 species were migrants, 15 species were local migrants and 128 species were residents.’
      • ‘Because of global warming, more and more species are colonising Britain, and some like the Red Admiral butterfly are even year-long residents now.’
      • ‘Territorial males sired the majority of offspring, but residents and transients also sired small numbers of nestlings.’
      • ‘The population of aquatic birds, both resident and migratory, has also been affected by the reduction in the food supply.’
    2. 1.2British A guest in a hotel who stays for one or more nights.
      ‘the hotel restaurant is open to residents and guests of residents’
      • ‘Fellow guests are refined hotel residents and moneyed young local movers, though we were too taken with the views to care much.’
      • ‘Mr Thomas said the hotel did not keep a guest book for residents to sign.’
      • ‘The residents and guests of the Grand Hotel live their lives in comfort and splendor, spending their days in the bar or on the dance floor.’
      • ‘Ergo these figures indicate the majority of visitors to the city were the residents of the hotels and guest houses.’
      • ‘Fortunately, most of the residents were at the Guest Dinner being held in hall, leaving the building almost empty.’
      • ‘We were soon led upstairs to the dining room which was fairly busy with both hotel residents and other diners.’
      • ‘A neighbour helped residents from the guest houses to escape through windows after seeing flames billowing from the house.’
      • ‘Called upon to evict the residents of a hotel on the grounds it is a fire hazard, Fry gets caught up in a massive police operation to close down an internet porn ring.’
      • ‘She also remembered him showing guns to residents in the hotel lounge, saying he was with the SAS.’
      • ‘Hundreds of thousands of tourists and residents have moved from hotels into shelters.’
      • ‘Unless you were a hotel resident, it was more or less impossible to drink legally outside the home after 10 o'clock at night.’
      • ‘Although he used to fraternize with other hotel residents, a series of bad experiences ultimately made him distrustful of the people nearby.’
      • ‘But in many small hotels these facilities are often used primarily by hotel residents, with restricted meal times and fixed meal charges.’
      • ‘Outside you'll find a private garden, just for hotel residents, where flowers fill the generous space with colour and delicate fragrance and a fishpond ripples softly in the quiet.’
      • ‘Car parking is available for all hotel residents.’
      guest, person staying, boarder, lodger, client
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    3. 1.3US A pupil who boards at a boarding school.
      ‘Arriving at schools, the teams were met by pupils, teachers and residents with a songs, drama and demonstrations of reading skills.’
      • ‘Nor will residents and students be able to tell which librarians are from the college and which ones are city employees.’
      • ‘Maybe some alumni and other former residents will enjoy checking in here to reminisce about good old Madison.’
      • ‘This could be due to the fact that dormitory residents tend to interact more with each other than do off campus students who may spend less time on campus.’
      • ‘Most events are open only to residents of the summer school.’
      • ‘It was written by a childhood resident of the Residential School and gave the first details of appalling abuse children there suffered at the hands of some workers many years before.’
    4. 1.4historical A British government agent in any semi-independent state, especially the Governor General's agent at the court of an Indian state.
      ‘There was little responsibility on the Residents; but there was a great and awful responsibility on the Governor- General.’
      • ‘In 1820 he was appointed resident at the court of the Nizam.’
      • ‘He was Resident at Satara in 1845 and at Baroda in 1847 and later Resident at Lucknow in 1854. He was given the command of the Persian war, 1856-1857.’
    5. 1.5An intelligence agent in a foreign country.
      ‘He was assigned to the Soviet embassy in London as the KGB "resident" responsible for Soviet intelligence-gathering and espionage in the UK.’
      • ‘His career eventually took him to Washington, D.C. where he was a KGB resident.’
      • ‘He was in contact with the KGB resident agents. It was long ago, but it seems to me that we met at social events.’
  • 2North American A medical graduate engaged in specialized practice under supervision in a hospital.

    ‘He currently works as a medical resident at another hospital and is waiting to hear the final outcome for this case.’
    • ‘For stations involving physicians, fourth-year medical students or physician residents were used.’
    • ‘I run a geriatric psychiatry clinic at the university and supervise residents and medical students.’
    • ‘Worse, medical residents are often expected to make life and death decisions while working 36 hours straight.’
    • ‘Most people, including medical residents, are responsible and would not deliberately put others at risk.’
    • ‘A group of medical residents were asked to identify which of their patients had inadequate health literacy.’
    • ‘Florida ranks 45th in the nation in number of medical residents, or physicians in training.’
    • ‘It is indeed crucial to assess the residents ' knowledge of medical literature.’
    • ‘In addition, residents in all the medical and surgical disciplines received a survey.’
    • ‘I was a medical resident until recently, so I guess I've not had enough sleep for five years.’
    • ‘The Oxford group consisted of two consultants, two fellows, three residents, and ten medical students.’
    • ‘This renders the text particularly well-suited for medical students and pathology residents.’
    • ‘Pathology residents and medical students would also find excellent references in this textbook.’
    • ‘One study puts obstetrics at the bottom of specialty preferences among medical school residents.’
    • ‘This Web-based program has been received with enthusiasm by our residents and medical students.’
    • ‘We are involved in the education of residents, medical students, and nurses.’
    • ‘Even though the patient was not on the family practice service, the resident accompanied him to the intensive care unit while a staff member contacted his private physician.’
    • ‘Errors were committed by physicians, residents, RNs, and charge nurses.’


  • 1Living somewhere on a long-term basis.

    ‘he has been resident in Brazil for a long time’
    • ‘The overall value of the fishery will continue to attract a great deal of interest from those not resident in the north.’
    • ‘He has remained one of the leading protagonists of the movement and, now resident in France, has founded the ‘Order of Interbeing’ to promote worthy social causes.’
    • ‘The applicant was an Italian national who had been legally resident in France since his birth and was working there as a trade union official.’
    • ‘From about 1581 he was mainly resident in London, and pursuing an active and varied literary career.’
    • ‘In many instances the authorities are believed to have reduced the subvention, or state subsidy, payable to individual patients resident in nursing homes.’
    • ‘At the end of 2002 there were 63,996 driving licences held by people resident in County Mayo.’
    • ‘However, it is estimated that there are normally around 280 families resident in counties Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.’
    • ‘While these statistics are for women resident in Waterford city and county, more births were actually registered in Waterford.’
    • ‘He said the adults who tried to solicit these children were aware of the profile of the children resident in the homes.’
    • ‘With the exception of ten men, aged between 65 and 86 years, who are resident long term in the hostel, the majority of others remain on average two or three nights.’
    • ‘The concession applies to work done on all foreign-flagged vessels whose owners are not resident in Venezuela.’
    • ‘The event, hosted at the ambassador's residence brought together scores of Norwegians resident in Zambia who were clad in colourful traditional costumes.’
    • ‘While abroad, French officials resident in Rome began to collect early Italian gold-ground paintings and created a new taste for primitive Christian art.’
    • ‘The 1951 questionnaire was sent to all doctors resident in the United Kingdom whose addresses were known to the BMA.’
    • ‘Primary care trusts are now charged with explicit responsibilities for all looked after children resident in their boundaries.’
    • ‘There can be no dispute that, immediately before any retention in Australia, Victoria was habitually resident in the UK.’
    • ‘Because she was not habitually resident she was not eligible for housing assistance or income support.’
    • ‘The course is open to all unemployed people resident in the Portlaoise area including those on Community Employment.’
    • ‘"The interests of the young people resident at the centre are, of course, paramount.’
    • ‘Around 9,700 of the 131,000 Chinese nationals resident in the country were granted permanent residency last year.’
    living, residing, in residence, staying, remaining
    live-in, living in
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    1. 1.1Having quarters on the premises of one's work.
      ‘resident farm workers’
      • ‘The Tangier traveller clearly felt at home in Tagedda, which had its own quarter of resident merchants from North Africa and a circle of literate scholars.’
      • ‘Support restricted and applied on only one farm per resident farmer would, of course, arrest this and is surely no more than any equitable society would expect.’
      • ‘To gain permanent residency, the temporary resident farm-worker would need to fulfill a prospective agricultural-work requirement.’
      • ‘At this time, the house was modified to accommodate a resident farmer and his family.’
    2. 1.2Attached to and working regularly for a particular institution.
      ‘the film studio needed a resident historian’
      • ‘In fact such is Michael's knowledge on historical matters in Carlow that he has also found himself in the role of The Nationalist's resident local historian!’
      • ‘He is also resident chef for the channel's Food & Drink and regularly appears on Ready Steady Cook.’
      • ‘He is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and editor of the Middle East Quarterly.’
      • ‘He is now a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.’
      • ‘He is also a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.’
      • ‘Much of the film's historical credibility can be sheeted home to the influence of its resident consultant, a British history writer.’
      • ‘He's a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.’
      • ‘During summer orientation, students are assigned a PDP adviser and two student resident counselors.’
      • ‘James is a contributing writer and a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.’
      • ‘He is sitting in his office at the American Enterprise Institute, where he is a resident fellow.’
      • ‘To talk more about all of this we're joined now by a resident scholar at the Institute in Washington.’
      • ‘The author was a resident fellow at the Institute at the time this article was written.’
      • ‘Students also receive singing lessons from the resident teachers.’
      • ‘She's a law professor at the University of New Mexico and a resident scholar at the American Bankruptcy Institute.’
      • ‘Coursework, because it is entirely at the discretion of an examiner which is usually a resident tutor, can be used to mark down a student.’
      permanent, incumbent
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    3. 1.3(of a bird, butterfly or other animal) remaining in an area throughout the year; non-migratory.
      ‘resident mute swans and wintering Bewick's swans’
      • ‘During the first treatment, resident mice remained on each site throughout the study period.’
      • ‘Migratory habit is related to philopatry, because resident species of birds tend to have lower dispersal rates than migratory species.’
      • ‘In the meantime, strategically placed brush piles in the woodland area supply the resident birds with nesting materials.’
      • ‘The dummy nests are also used throughout the year for shelter, and dummy nests of resident birds tend to be sturdier than dummy nests of migrants who do not use them for winter shelter.’
      • ‘We did not detect any nest site changes among resident birds as a response to the experimental treatment.’
      • ‘We determined the identities of resident fish through unique natural color markings, individual sizes, and home range locations.’
      • ‘The resident birds - about 50,000 of them - nest around the salty flats of Lake Rosa, a reservoir ringed by mangrove trees.’
      • ‘The fencing was removed and the resident deer herd cut from 900 to 300.’
      • ‘Although lots of other birds rate highly, that trio tops the charts of our summer resident birds.’
      • ‘Toxicity, nutritional deficiency, and competition with resident species are the primary causal factors in their host plant separation.’
      • ‘Most striking is the consistency of the resident species.’
      • ‘Nomadic species had longer latencies than did resident species.’
      • ‘A mature bull, at twice the weight of a red deer, is by far our largest resident mammal and a most impressive animal by any standard.’
      • ‘All migratory species breed in North America, whereas none of the resident species fall within that area.’
      • ‘Hares are resident herbivores, grazing in both dune and marsh areas.’
      • ‘Summary maps of territorial boundaries of each resident bird were compiled monthly.’
      • ‘And also, resident hummingbirds are expected to be more tenacious than migrants.’
      • ‘Strings of brown algae introduced to territories are quickly removed by the resident fish.’
      • ‘Many resident birds can also be spotted here like the yellow-wattle Lapwing or the common bee-eater.’
      • ‘In recent years, scientists revealed that resident killer whales were heavily contaminated with deadly toxic chemicals.’
  • 2(of a computer program, file, etc.) immediately available in computer memory, rather than having to be loaded from elsewhere.

    ‘an intangible computer program resident on a magnetic disk’
    • ‘the ability to load memory-resident programs’
    • ‘An example would be retro viruses that attack antivirus software by deleting virus definition tables or memory resident scanners.’
    • ‘When a user leaves the vicinity of the computer, normal operation of a computer's resident security will control computer function.’
    • ‘It gets worse, the virus scanning part of the process runs from a separate PC - which means you're unlikely to pick up memory resident viruses.’
    • ‘If server resident software is required for the solution to operate correctly, that should be accounted for as a host is added.’
    • ‘The resident volume allocation features of the storage array in combination with switch zoning provide a measure of volume-access security.’


Middle English from Latin resident- ‘remaining’, from the verb residere (see reside).