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Pronunciation /rɪˈzɪdjʊəl/

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  • 1Remaining after the greater part or quantity has gone.

    ‘the withdrawal of residual occupying forces’
    • ‘‘The only specific enemy forces will be residual local forces, but it is a dangerous and challenging environment, of that there is no doubt,’ said a senior MoD source.’
    • ‘The details that began to filter back to company HQ were immediately positive as the residual forces of McCarthy were comprehensively defeated in all theatres.’
    • ‘The fact that common law now occupies only a residual role in relation to competition law generally may be attributed to several factors.’
    • ‘Significant residual levels of Brucellosis remain however and aggressive depopulation and extended rest period policies continue to be applied.’
    • ‘The residual materials that remain after incineration, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, are recycled after incineration.’
    • ‘Nor was it one they tended to trace back to some residual force of upbringing, like that upwardly mobile impulse so often attributed to immigrant families.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, despite this demonstrable improvement of position for domestic support creditors, a residual argument remains.’
    • ‘These lands are not in agricultural use, the lands comprise a residual area and is the only remaining area of undeveloped land within the former UDC boundary in this part of the town.’
    • ‘Excess residual solvent was removed by vacuum drying at room temperature.’
    • ‘By this I mean that with her work, the emphasis is on utility rather than pure aesthetic appeal, even though a certain residual enigmatic quality remains.’
    • ‘The West London Waste Authority must look to more sustainable ways of dealing with residual waste.’
    • ‘But maybe the residual effect of the lockout stirred up some emotions.’
    • ‘The residual material no longer produces methane (a powerful greenhouse gas), and leachate (acidic liquid that seeps from landfill sites) is much reduced.’
    • ‘In direct answer to your question: Though I believe you may have some residual immunity from your original vaccine, a booster at least would be necessary in the event of a threat.’
    • ‘Those who know their grapes know that Rieslings contain significant amounts of residual sugar and that without a compensatory amount of acidity they'd simply taste like fruity sugar water.’
    • ‘To begin with, residual problems from the end of the earlier era of colonisation, usually the result of untidy departures by the colonial power, still remain dangerously stalemated.’
    • ‘They are made from a new generation 100% polyester which has a very low residual content of moisture, giving you a new mould-resistant finish.’
    • ‘Are the residual chemicals in the container directly discharged?’
    • ‘However, occasionally a diamond appears in amongst the residual material, and there's always plenty of other less-precious material which is still able to be put to good use.’
    • ‘Finally, where residual populations of tiger salamanders have survived despite the odds in still isolated locations, they have become a target of the pet trade.’
    • ‘Money is as money does, and it is a residual of lending.’
    • ‘When bank lending dominated the Credit creation process, bank deposits were the prominent residual of lending.’
    remaining, leftover, unused, unconsumed
    lingering, lasting, enduring, abiding, persisting, surviving, vestigial
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    1. 1.1(of a quantity) left after other items have been subtracted.
      ‘residual income after tax and mortgage payments’
      • ‘It turns out that this is simply a residual category obtained by subtracting both groups from the total population.’
      • ‘What you are still entitled to from the partnership will give you one of two possible results for tax purposes: You may be left with either a residual interest or an income interest.’
      • ‘At the moment parents of students are expected to contribute up to £1, 100 a year towards the cost of tuition fees if their residual income is more than about £20,000.’
      • ‘He gives an example from 1775 when the principal landowner in the Buckinghamshire hamlet calculated residual income.’
      • ‘There are no guarantees in the housing market today, and it's always a roller coaster ride, and I was looking for something that would give me residual income.’
      • ‘As paper assets, they represent a residual claim on the income and equity of a company.’
      • ‘The guys who work all the time have tons of money in the bank and ongoing residual income.’
      • ‘Be sure that the various income streams due to you after retirement are clearly differentiated as income interests or residual interests.’
      • ‘The first thing to remember is that profits are residual income.’
      • ‘The Tribunal noted that before the establishment of the committed givers club the Society treated the value added tax it paid on supplies connected with its newsletters as residual input tax.’
      • ‘The residual income derived from these investments would be enough to comfortably sustain me for the rest of my life.’
      • ‘The residual cue ERP was then subtracted from the target ERP.’
      • ‘The test statistic was the ratio of the model to residual sums of squares at each point along the chromosome.’
      • ‘We investigated condition dependence of secondary sexual characters and the immune response variables using residual body mass as an estimate of body condition.’
      • ‘The predicted residual sum of squares statistic was calculated in order to validate the generalizability of the regressions.’
      • ‘The residual covariance matrix of the share equations will be singular, and thus one equation must be omitted when estimating the system.’
      • ‘The number of sheep that were to die at each step of the simulation model was determined by the required adult sex ratio and proportion of lambs given the residual population size.’
      • ‘However, for very active clients he said they would pay interest of around 3 per cent on residual investment amounts of about €5,000 upwards.’
      • ‘In that situation also the building owner should be able to write off the residual amount and claim it for tax purposes.’
      • ‘In all simulation models, the residual variance equals 0.43.’
    2. 1.2(of a physical state or property) remaining after the removal of or present in the absence of a causative agent.
      ‘residual stenosis’
      • ‘Only in the presence of residual features of physical abuse (such as fractures), along with identifiable risk factors, would non-accidental injury be considered.’
      • ‘The treatment of choice is early surgical removal with intensive chemotherapy and radiation therapy to ablate residual microscopic disease.’
      • ‘They are usually used when angiography shows a stenosis that is of intermediate severity, or to determine the functional severity of a residual stenosis after percutaneous coronary intervention.’
      • ‘It is not uncommon for patients to have residual physical or cognitive problems following myocardial infarction and the dramatic treatments now administered.’
      • ‘This may lead to inadequate removal of cholesteatoma with residual disease or inadequate ventilation of the epitympanum leading to recurrent cholesteatoma.’
    3. 1.3(of an experimental or arithmetical error) not accounted for or eliminated.
      ‘All the above-mentioned parametric analyses were checked for and displayed normally distributed residual errors.’
      • ‘As experienced in the study involving the natural MA lines, the distributions of residual errors for both characters were nonnormal, as noted above.’
      • ‘The residual error in both of these fits is small, indicating that the same spectral components can fit these measurements at both temperatures.’
      • ‘Sampling date effect and respective interactions associated with sampling date were tested using residual error.’
      • ‘If important variance components are omitted, then the residual errors are likely to be correlated.’
    4. 1.4(of a soil or other deposit) formed in situ by weathering.
      ‘Later research was able to involve a greater concentration on, and technical knowledge of, residual deposits and weathering products associated with particular surfaces.’
      • ‘A similar effect can be created by perched water tables formed by silty or clayey layers of low permeability within alluvial soils, or cemented layers in weathered, residual soils.’
      • ‘The last contain residual soil (terra rossa), and are then filled with marine sediment of the overlying strata.’
      • ‘Eventually only a hollow lined by residual soils above a breccia chimney marks the site of a former salt extrusion.’
      • ‘Leached residual soil and sediment of overlying strata occur within the dissolution pipes and pits.’


  • 1A quantity remaining after other things have been subtracted or allowed for.

    ‘the Keynesian component is clearly a residual which is arrived at by subtracting the natural and classical components from overall unemployment’
    • ‘The danger with installing many programs and then uninstalling is that some residuals often remain behind.’
    • ‘First, rent collection techniques must be sensitive to market cycles and collect only the residual that remains after allowing normal returns to capital and labor.’
    • ‘Shrimp with positive chela residuals produce significantly more open chela displays than shrimp with negative chela residuals.’
    • ‘First, signal residuals may play no role in the function of a signal.’
    • ‘There are, in general, three possibilities regarding the functional significance of signal residuals.’
    • ‘And what about the residuals of emerging processes like gasification, enzymatic hydrolysis, depolymerization, biodiesel production, etc?’
    1. 1.1A difference between a value measured in a scientific experiment and the theoretical or true value.
      ‘The normal probability plot of residuals against their expected values when the distribution is normal suggested that the error distribution was almost normal.’
      • ‘Also, the path shape may change within the range of time scales used in the study; this will appear as a U- or inverted U-shaped pattern in a plot of residuals vs. expected values.’
      • ‘In the next step, we removed the effect of body mass prior to testing for regional differences by using residuals from a regression of each of the two variables on body mass.’
      • ‘We then calculated the residuals, the difference between each interval's extinction intensity and its lowest smoothed value.’
      • ‘In addition, the subject was added to the model as a random effect and different correlation structures for residuals were tested.’
    2. 1.2Geology A portion of rocky or high ground remaining after erosion.
      ‘the eroded residuals of reefs built in relation to earlier, higher sea levels’
      • ‘In seasonally wet tropical areas, tower karst hills are often residuals from past wetter climates and tend to have their caves partially filled by secondary calcite deposits.’
      • ‘Furthermore, although the recent concentration on residuals and surfaces is fully understandable, it appears timely to reconsider the evidence provided by larger known bodies of Tertiary sediment.’
      • ‘These grains were not affected by the Variscan anatexis, so we consider them as residual.’
  • 2A royalty paid to a performer, writer, etc. for a repeat of a play, television show, etc.

    ‘she has been awarded more than $4.5 million in residuals and profits from the highly successful television show’
    • ‘Outstanding issues include improved residuals for film and television productions and repeat fees for TV productions.’
    • ‘Writers' residuals for original programming on basic cable, ranging from series such as Lifetime Television's ‘Any Day Now’ to telepics for Disney Channel, will also be bumped up.’
    • ‘The disputes centre on what are known as residuals - essentially royalties.’
    • ‘And so I was very naive and ignorant about publishing and royalties and residuals, which is kind of sweet.’
    • ‘They want improved wages and working conditions, including standby rates, increased guarantees on the duration of option contracts for subsequent TV series and the lifting of the cap on royalties and residuals.’
    • ‘The ad industry, represented by the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers, retreated from its demand to do away with residuals for network television.’
    • ‘On an industrywide scale, writers' residuals will increase about 2 percent.’
    • ‘The actors want residuals extended to cable television and Internet ads as well.’
    • ‘There are artist's residuals (payments made to actors for repeat showings of their work), external commercial content, and international rights to consider.’
    • ‘Actors who appear in movies and television shows receive residual payments when those works are shown again.’
    • ‘I definitely agree actors should receive residuals for appearing in movies and television series as these have multiple lives (cinema, DVD, pay-tv, free to air).’
    • ‘Since taking over as his business manager, she had straightened out his chaotic accounts and provided him with an income, when he had become too ill to work, by collecting unpaid residuals and fees.’
    • ‘Actors have contracts that specify residuals - payments that kick in each time a programme is shown.’
    • ‘He's a member of a craft union in Hollywood, and receives union scale when he works; I very much doubt he gets residuals, or any kind or royalty on the films that get made.’
    • ‘In the past, when film or TV shows were aired in foreign countries, residuals were ‘capped’ so that writers only received payments for initial airings and nothing for subsequent replays.’
  • 3The resale value of a new car or other item at a specified time after purchase, expressed as a percentage of its purchase price.

    ‘the federation wants car tax taken out over five years to avoid residuals being hit’
    • ‘The value of their residuals would suffer accordingly.’
    • ‘The attraction of this option is that the car is given guaranteed value, called a residual, at the end of the fixed term contract.’
    • ‘Search the internet for the residuals on the BMW and you will find they are fairly high.’
    • ‘The residuals on full-term lease vehicles are much lower than original estimations made at the beginning of the leases.’
    • ‘The figures come as the volume players in Britain face up to the crisis of an overstocked market which is decimating the residuals of cars up to six months old.’