Meaning of resile in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈzʌɪl/


[no object]formal
  • Abandon a position or a course of action.

    ‘can he resile from the agreement?’
    • ‘This has meant resiling from positions that might alienate persuadable interests.’
    • ‘Both political leaders have been under sustained pressure to resile from these positions since then.’
    • ‘So I repeat, I'm not resiling from the position I took in 1980, but I think I would take a different view today.’
    • ‘He did not determine the matter, and yet in this case he seems to have resiled somewhat from that position.’
    • ‘In the instant case both experts resiled from more extreme positions.’
    ricochet, rebound, be deflected


Early 16th century from obsolete French resilir or Latin resilire ‘to recoil’, from re- ‘back’ + salire ‘to jump’.