Meaning of resolutely in English:



  • In an admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering manner.

    ‘she resolutely refused to be bullied by those around her’
    as submodifier ‘the staff remained resolutely loyal’
    • ‘The conference, like the concept of ecological design itself, ran the gamut from the supremely practical to the resolutely idealistic.’
    • ‘The story is set resolutely in the present.’
    • ‘She walks resolutely away, conscious of being spied upon by a ghostly face at every window.’
    • ‘The problem with such a resolutely intellectualising approach to the history of museums is that the history itself is extremely partial.’
    • ‘I haven't gotten a grasp on all the nominees yet, but so far I'm resolutely not surprised across the board.’
    • ‘Academically trained and inclined, the Boston painter was resolutely out of step with his times.’
    • ‘Though the presentation was resolutely low-tech, the blocking was complicated and well rehearsed.’
    • ‘The painting's subject matter has, in subsequent years, been much disputed, or perhaps it is more accurate to say, resolutely evaded.’
    • ‘Although resolutely cheerful in his reworking of genres, he retains traces of the anxiety and high-minded intent of his predecessors.’
    • ‘Australian films were resolutely populist in this period.’