Meaning of resource consent in English:

resource consent


mass nounNew Zealand
  • Official permission to carry out an operation that has an environmental impact.

    ‘the project failed to gain resource consent and was scrapped’
    • ‘if the building's owners want to demolish it, they have to apply for a resource consent’
    • ‘Of course, we have the Pike River coalfield, which has all its resource consents.’
    • ‘We have heard about the limited notification of resource consent applications.’
    • ‘He said the firm would apply for a resource consent from Wairoa District Council this month.’
    • ‘For 43 days we have had resource consent hearings over their plans to renew consent for the dam.’
    • ‘Every one of those options will require resource consent.’
    • ‘There will be a simplified list of matters to take into account when making decisions on resource consent applications.’
    • ‘He was a member of the resource consents committee deciding marine farm applications.’
    • ‘Delays in building and resource consents can be shortened, advance knowledge of tenders can be provided.’
    • ‘This applies to any person who has made a submission for resource consent.’
    • ‘Their visual impact on the skyline would probably make it impossible to get the necessary resource consents.’