Meaning of respectively in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈspɛktɪvli/

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  • Separately or individually and in the order already mentioned (used when enumerating two or more items or facts that refer back to a previous statement)

    ‘they received sentences of one year and eight months respectively’
    • ‘He was sentenced to six months and three months respectively, to run consecutively.’
    • ‘These positions are frequently referred to respectively as objectivism and constructionism.’
    • ‘Both release new albums this month after eight and 11 years away respectively.’
    • ‘Canada and the UK came third and fourth, with nine million and eight million respectively.’
    • ‘We got them in that order and their names are Oscar, Lady and Jasmine respectively.’
    • ‘Two boys in the car, aged eight and three, sustained minor head and neck injuries respectively.’
    • ‘These score eight and seven out of 10 respectively in terms of adding value to an existing home.’
    • ‘The two new products will be linked to endowment and pension plans respectively.’
    • ‘Promotion and relegation respectively appear to be the future for these squads.’
    • ‘He reached this stage after qualifying from county and then regional events in June and July respectively.’
    • ‘A group of human heroes and villains set out to respectively save or exploit the situation.’
    • ‘I forgot flour and mushrooms, which were essential to the dessert and main course respectively.’
    • ‘Both have been working their way back to full fitness after being out with injury and illness respectively.’
    • ‘The sentences passed for those offences were eight, twelve and twelve years respectively.’
    • ‘Both were absent from last night's team through work commitments and injury respectively.’
    • ‘His first and third goals came with the last kick of the first and second half respectively.’
    • ‘We now have before us a skeletal account of the way in which sexism and racism construe women and blacks, respectively.’
    • ‘The drawing room and dining room lie to the left of the hallway and look onto the front and rear respectively.’
    • ‘Arrowhead and asterisk mark thick cuticle and primary wall, respectively.’
    • ‘The dose-finding and main assays were conducted using one plate and two plates, respectively.’
    separately, individually, singly, discretely