Meaning of restage in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈsteɪdʒ/


[with object]
  • Present (a performance or public event) again or differently.

    ‘archaeologists have tried to restage a Bronze Age cremation’
    • ‘the choreographer completely restaged the dance sequences’
    • ‘He criticised Eisenstein's film October as a distortion of history, because it restaged the events of the 1917 Russian Revolution using actors.’
    • ‘However we are delighted to announce that all the event sponsors have pledged their full support in restaging this tournament.’
    • ‘In past projects, he has restaged riots from the 1984-85 Miners Strikes using the original participants, used teenage film-makers to shoot documentaries and arranged acid-house music for brass bands.’
    • ‘She has respectfully and respectably restaged the dances.’
    • ‘It has not said when the event will be restaged.’
    • ‘So while the city ponders how to restage the Mystery Plays, why don't we make that extra effort and revive the whole festival?’
    • ‘The two other black companies are restaging musicals they have performed before.’
    • ‘He did much to promote the cause of the male dancer in classical ballet, seeking to restage the 19th-century repertoire in order to boost the male role to beyond that of mere partner.’
    • ‘Hopefully, the Theatre will restage it at some point.’
    • ‘When it was restaged at the beginning of this year in the new house, it seemed as intense and potently ambiguous as ever.’
    • ‘A local election that came down to a single vote and was almost decided on the toss of a coin is to be restaged following a landmark High Court ruling that could hand power back to the former leaders of the authority.’
    • ‘Medea was popular enough to be repeatedly restaged in the next century, and was re-created in Latin by Seneca for the brutal world of the early Roman Empire.’
    • ‘No fresh date has yet been fixed for the fixture to be restaged.’
    • ‘Do you think that the classics should be restaged for each new generation?’
    • ‘Regardless of my taste, I don't think I'll change or restage the classics, because it would further limit the room for creating new works.’
    • ‘Her plans include teaching at the National Ballet School in Toronto, serving on the jury of the Prix de Lausanne, and restaging her production of Giselle for the Australian Ballet.’
    • ‘We came across reviews for the play last year and immediately put a case for restaging the work in New Zealand which was accepted.’
    • ‘Cinematically, it restages the celluloid of the 60s and 70s: early Godard, Bonnie and Clyde, Badlands, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.’
    • ‘The piece restages the 12-hour interrogation of a maquiladora laborer accused of attempting to unionize workers.’
    • ‘It was broadcast on PBS and will be restaged this year into an evening-length version.’