Meaning of resting bitch face in English:

resting bitch face


  • (typically with reference to a woman) a sullen or scowling expression attributed to or unconsciously adopted by a person when in repose.

    • ‘she has taken flack for what some have called her resting bitch face’
    • ‘She loves to remind me that I have resting bitch face sometimes.’
    • ‘Don't let my resting bitch face fool you!’
    • ‘Having resting bitch face doesn't mean you're mean or irritable - it just means your facial muscles relax naturally into a scowl.’
    • ‘Despite his cuddly fur, he's become famous for one other thing: his perpetual resting bitch face.’
    • ‘She steals absolutely every scene she's in and gives new meaning to the term "resting bitch face."’
    • ‘I was told I have Resting Bitch Face.’
    • ‘Our waiter had resting bitch face and no personality - she was really good at hiding from customers.’
    • ‘Is it their job to have resting bitch face when you walk in and then get up in arms when you actually ask a question?’
    • ‘She's the epitome of resting bitch face.’
    • ‘They must have caught him in a good mood, because the resting bitch face king was even smiling.’