Meaning of restorationist in English:


noun & adjective

See restorationism

‘We know so much, we long for that which we don't know - hence the desire for ‘mystery’ among many young, conservative, restorationist Catholics who hunger for a past idyllic church.’
  • ‘How is the restorationist movement affecting liturgical renewal?’
  • ‘As Komonchak has observed, it is wrong to regard Ratzinger as a restorationist in the sense of one who desires to return the church to its preconciliar, neoscholastic days.’
  • ‘The first theme or norm that emerges from restorationist authors is ‘continuity.’’
  • ‘One was the restorationist impulse, the impulse to order contemporary church life as closely as possible to the life of New Testament churches.’