Meaning of restrictiveness in English:



See restrictive

‘Other researchers have measured the structural aspects of group homes, such as staff characteristics, staff effectiveness, restrictiveness, environmental factors, and cost-effectiveness.’
  • ‘However, important features of parenting, such as restrictiveness or psychological control, coerciveness, autonomy granting, and warmth, are not addressed.’
  • ‘The bill's opponents focused on its over-bearing restrictiveness which, they argued, would discourage marriage altogether, and prevent commoners from marrying into the aristocracy.’
  • ‘The Finance and Expenditure Committee did not suggest any changes to the bill that significantly affected the balance between the restrictiveness and the liberalness of the regime.’
  • ‘At that, the conversation turned to people's home towns, everyone trying to outdo each other on the smallness of scale or the restrictiveness of their upbringing.’