Meaning of restructure in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈstrʌktʃə/

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[with object]
  • 1Organize differently.

    ‘a plan to strengthen and restructure the EC’
    • ‘The company has restructured its marketing department and strengthened its sales force.’
    • ‘In order to do that, the company has restructured its sales organization and has added new members to its board.’
    • ‘At the end of last year, the organization restructured its membership structure in an effort to raise funds.’
    • ‘Libraries, too, have experienced fiscal challenges that have forced them to downsize and restructure their organizations.’
    • ‘The company says it has ‘launched a consultation process with staff to restructure the organisation’.’
    • ‘Much of the credit should go to the research organization for how it restructured itself and its decision-making processes, he suggests.’
    • ‘Self-critical, he selects key works to perform at events, then restructures his thinking and approach to play them differently next time round.’
    • ‘In order to gain valuable shelf space, many manufacturers are restructuring their organization and making brand managers function as part of a category management team.’
    • ‘Patrick had restructured its organization, setting up labor-supply subsidiaries as employers of its unionized workforces.’
    • ‘Some individuals can buy and sell elements of an organization or otherwise restructure them, for example, and hire and fire individuals.’
    • ‘Second, David, you might think about restructuring your course.’
    • ‘Further job losses are expected as the co-op restructures its loss-making milk processing operation at the two Mitchelstown, Mallow and Mogeely sites.’
    • ‘Further job losses are expected over the coming months as the co-op restructures milk processing from four sites to two or possibly one.’
    • ‘In order to maintain high standards of umpiring, it regularly restructures the international umpiring panel.’
    • ‘An East Lancashire computer firm has quelled rumours 50 jobs will be cut when it restructures its sales staff.’
    • ‘In the mid-1980s and within a period of five years, one corporation after the other went into the red and had to be restructured or sold.’
    • ‘‘And we appointed an interim board to restructure the conference,’ she said.’
    • ‘The way that Poltergeist lingers in the mind is different - the passing of years restructures the film into a wholly personal collage of experiences.’
    • ‘For the purposes of simplifying the differences between these levels, the six levels have been restructured into four levels.’
    • ‘They urge, not that inquirers insulate themselves from social influences, but that they restructure scientific practices to be open to different social influences.’
    reorganize, restructure, change, change around, change the line-up of, shake up, rearrange, interchange, shuffle, regroup, rejig, redistribute, realign
    reorganization, restructuring, upheaval, change, rearrangement, regrouping, redistribution
    1. 1.1Finance Convert (the debt of a business in difficulty) into another kind of debt, typically one that is repayable at a later time.
      ‘shareholders and creditors agreed to restructure debts and payment schedules’
      • ‘the troubled property company is negotiating the restructuring of its debts’
      • ‘Instead of filing for bankruptcy, you should consider contacting a credit counseling service that may be able to help you pay off or restructure your debts without resorting to bankruptcy.’
      • ‘We recently restructured our debt into a fixed-term loan and we now have our debt under control,’ said McKenna.’
      • ‘It is believed that the company's bankers have insisted that it urgently restructure its debt as a condition for securing their continuing support.’
      • ‘One fund manager noted the company is talking more in its presentations about the prospects for its drug products rather than the complications surrounding its debt restructuring.’
      • ‘When they cannot pay their creditors, debtor nations have little choice but to seek debt restructuring or new loans.’
      dramatic change, radical change, drastic alteration, radical alteration, complete shift, sea change, metamorphosis, transformation, conversion, innovation, breakaway