Meaning of retirement home in English:

retirement home



  • 1A house or flat in a group or block designed for the needs of old and retired people.

    ‘Grandparents often live in their own house or a retirement home; women frequently work outside the home.’
    • ‘Shaun Lawson photographed residents in a retirement home for his Home Portraits series.’
    • ‘But they weren't ready for an apartment or a retirement home.’
    • ‘Munetomo says he runs the largest retirement home in the Philippines specifically catering to Japanese retirees.’
    • ‘‘Hi. I'm here to visit Maria Furmano,’ Josh said at the security guard's desk when we arrived at the retirement home.’
    • ‘You might host a fundraiser for a retirement home in your neighborhood or trim the Christmas tree for the elderly couple next door.’
    • ‘A half hour later, I was walking into the retirement home that Josh's grandmother lived in.’
    • ‘He had left his car at the retirement home the last time he had visited his grandmother, so we had to walk to the restaurant.’
    • ‘I had seen his picture in the retirement home, framed and hanging on my grandmother's wall.’
    • ‘My age seems to finally be getting to me and I'm going to have to move into a retirement home.’
    • ‘Over time it gradually strayed from its mandate and became a desirable retirement home for wealthy citizens.’
    • ‘They were an elderly couple that had lived in the retirement home for years.’
    • ‘I could see why elderly people would want to live in this particular retirement home.’
    1. 1.1An institution for elderly people needing care.
      ‘It is clear from the financial and affidavit materials filed that the only reasonable accommodation for Mrs. Schryer is at a long term care facility and retirement home.’
      • ‘As the average life span of Norwegians has increased, a shortage of nursing and retirement homes has developed.’
      • ‘The housing stock may prove inappropriate for future needs if more and more elderly end their days in retirement homes.’
      • ‘Interestingly, the word disability has not been defined in the legislation but the industry is interpreting this as including the need to enter a retirement home.’
      • ‘A kindly gentleman at a posh retirement home likes to read to her.’
      institution, residential home, nursing home, old people's home, retirement home, convalescent home, rest home, children's home