Meaning of retrofit in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛtrə(ʊ)ˌfɪt/

verbverb retrofits, verb retrofitting, verb retrofitted

[with object]
  • 1Add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured.

    ‘motorists who retrofit catalysts to older cars’
    • ‘Heat pump water heaters can be purchased as integral units with built in water storage tanks or as add-ons that can be retrofitted to an existing water heater tank.’
    • ‘Because of the amount of wiring involved, the work is best done while a house is under construction and the walls are open - retrofitting this much cable, unless you don't object to exposed conduit, can add considerably to the cost.’
    • ‘There are many techniques depending on whether the home is under construction or being retrofitted to eliminate noise pollution.’
    • ‘As late as the early 1900s, older houses with gaslight were still being retrofitted for electricity.’
    • ‘The construction involved retrofitting the War Memorial Building and linking it via an airbridge with a new building on Puke Ariki Landing.’
    • ‘This is done on the exterior, although landmark buildings have been retrofitted inside at great cost and with extreme difficulty.’
    • ‘But a lot of old buildings never do get retrofitted.’
    • ‘MuCell equipment can now be retrofitted into installed injection molding machines.’
    • ‘His foraging for windows had come up with a collection of mismatched panels which he figured could be retrofitted with a little ingenious framework.’
    • ‘The kit, called Speed-Mat [R] Smart, can be retrofitted to an existing Speed-Mat cutter in about four to six hours, explained Rolfe of H.F. Esterly.’
    • ‘The four Columbia dams have been retrofitted to accommodate safer salmon passage; they now assist, if awkwardly, in flushing migratory smolts to sea.’
    • ‘My college students and I have been studying the effects of using this reduced-size keyboard, which was retrofitted into a Steinway B.’
    • ‘Diversion collars placed around the pipes, just below the sand surface, can be retrofitted if this begins to happen.’
    • ‘When the 18 th-century barn he had retrofitted as a summer home became too busy, his wife, Marie, had a one-room cabin built farther out in the forest, where he could work in peace.’
    • ‘Others look out of place at a competition, like the stodgy 1994 Buick Regal station wagon retrofitted to run on a mix of hydrogen and corn alcohol, or ethanol.’
    • ‘Dealers who already own Case sprayers or other brands can have the nozzle system retrofitted.’
    • ‘Family wait and support areas have often been designed or retrofitted to be more comfortable.’
    • ‘The bad news is that it will take time and effort and an investment to retrofit existing systems with services-oriented interfaces.’
    • ‘WCR designed and ordered metallic signs to cover the van sides and identify it as the Bookmobile. A local Rotary group agreed to retrofit the van with shelving, contributing materials and labor.’
    • ‘Available in 3/8-inch to 7/8-inch thicknesses, the systems can be retrofitted as well as used in new construction.’
    1. 1.1Provide (something) with a component or accessory not fitted during manufacture.
      ‘buses have been retrofitted with easy-access features’
      • ‘To solve these interrelated problems, her mother had the original windows retrofitted with state-of-the-art solar window film.’
      • ‘The comfortable blue molded fiberglass chair, designed by Eero Aarnio, had been retrofitted by Fascia with a mouse pad and mouse at the end of the armrest.’
      • ‘Silos need to be retrofitted with some kind of aeration equipment.’
      • ‘This innocuous uniform (seemingly more for corporate temp jobs than anything else), was ideal for retrofitting with a secret camera and hidden microphone.’
      • ‘It was an old Honda, retrofitted with an alcohol engine.’
      • ‘All airline restrooms have been retrofitted with glass doors to allow flight attendants to ‘check up on passengers who may need assistance.’’
      • ‘The tanks from an existing aeration basin can be retrofitted with a drain, filled with suitable sand, and a distribution system for use as a sand bioreactor.’
      • ‘A kit-car hobby turns into a venture, as Klick retrofits Pontiacs with fiberglass bodies to replicate European sports cars.’
      • ‘Williams also retrofits antique stoves with a safety system.’
      • ‘For a fee, you can take your old tank to a propane dealer for retrofitting with a new valve.’
      • ‘In October, 2001, GE proposed a solution: retrofitting 190 planes with a new oil pump over two years.’
      • ‘In fact, their vertically oriented organizational structures, retrofitted with ad hoc and matrix overlays, nearly always make professional work more complex and inefficient.’


  • 1An act of retrofitting a component or accessory.

    ‘uninsulated and oddly designed dream houses that are badly in need of a retrofit’
    • ‘Its energy efficiency retrofits of existing public buildings utilize the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System.’
    • ‘Indeed, the NDA says it is much cheaper to consider the needs of all customers from the outset, so as to avoid expensive and difficult retrofits.’
    • ‘Performance-based fees are easier to implement for energy retrofits.’
    • ‘The students were guided by teacher Tawnya Mann, by representatives of the Biosphere and General Electric, and by Earth Savers, an energy services company that managed the lighting retrofit.’
    • ‘Berner Foods recently completed a 72,000-square-foot expansion of its process-foods facility, says Fay, and a retrofit for increased brining capacity at its natural cheese plant.’
    • ‘Well, doing a retrofit like this one is sometimes more intricate than dealing with an initial build-out because you have to take into account the existing structure - sometimes there are surprises.’
    • ‘Following a seismic retrofit, windows were carved into the concrete street facade to reveal the activities within and shed a welcoming glow onto the pavement at night.’
    • ‘That would require a retrofit of all 17,000 units.’
    • ‘Session topics include clean energy, LEED principles and practical applications, designing green for multifamily and affordable housing, best green practices for home retrofits, and the future of residential green building.’
    • ‘‘At the same time, the Physical Plant has undertaken a number of efficiency improvements and retrofits in the past three years, to its credit,’ Moring said.’
    • ‘As part of its retrofit, the building was given a foundation system that allows it to move 28 inches in any horizontal direction in an earthquake.’
    • ‘The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, on the campus of UC Berkeley, recently completed a partial retrofit of its building.’
    • ‘More importantly, they accomplish this within a power and thermal budget that won't likely require a power-supply retrofit.’
    • ‘Things began to change in 1998, thanks to a $2.4 million retrofit engineered by the National Ministry of the Environment, the city of Malmo, and developer MKB Housing Company.’
    • ‘In respect of our existing building stock, which produces a frightening proportion of carbon emissions, we can only hope that retrofit makes economic as well as environmental sense.’
    • ‘His design studios at the university are an extension of his own research on the rehabilitation and retrofit of grayfields, or suburban strips, and involve looking for ways to mix uses and create density and pedestrian movement.’
    • ‘Mr. Roney acknowledges that some retrofit related to supplying additional ties is necessary.’
    • ‘Because change is a constant force in design, today's designs must acknowledge that what is built for today is not permanent and will at some point become a candidate for reuse, retrofit, or removal.’
    • ‘Starting about a year from now, JEA intends to expand its Brandy Branch Generating Station in a $191 million retrofit that will add a fourth generating unit.’
    • ‘The awards program had six categories: retrofit and new construction for ‘extensive’ green roofs, for ‘intensive’ green roofs, and for a combination of extensive and intensive.’
    1. 1.1A component or accessory added to something after manufacture.
      ‘the system is available as a retrofit for all makes of sprayer’
      • ‘When a club owner waits to consider security until after the club is built, it can cause additional expenses in retrofits and possible expenses for security personnel.’
      • ‘An inefficiency tax on the generation of dirty energy would be a brilliant thing, along with tax credits for installation of solar panels and energy-efficient retrofits.’
      • ‘I don't work here, I'm a liaison for the architecture firm handling the retrofit.’
      • ‘To install retrofits in this type of frame, the old sash is removed, stops are installed if necessary and the new unit is attached to the old wood frames with shims and screws.’
      • ‘Designers of Montgomery County's lighting retrofits found an even more efficient alternative to incandescent lamps for use in illuminated exit signs.’
      • ‘After a two-year closure for seismic retrofits, the Campanile's 200-foot-high viewing platform is now open.’
      • ‘Its purpose is as a retrofit over an existing roof where additional insulation is desired but no attic exists under the roof deck.’
      • ‘In fact there are now some premanufactured refractory firebox retrofits that work well with a 15 to 1 ratio and deliver twice the heat of conventional fireboxes.’
      • ‘A seminar featuring information on retrofits and renovations to improve the energy efficiency of residential homes, which in turn saves money on energy costs, is planned for May 3.’
      • ‘The TCHC green plan involves an education and awareness campaign for staff and tenants, on-site clean energy generation using the wind and sun and a battery of retrofits to buildings that average about 44 years of age.’
      • ‘Models and adapter kits are available for retrofits or new installations.’
      • ‘Part of the $1 billion plan will see incentives offered to consumers to add energy-efficient retrofits to their homes, such as installing more efficient furnaces.’
      • ‘This case does not require an expensive or intrusive retrofit or equipment exchange.’
      • ‘Additionally, the furnace will be equipped from day one to incorporate a retrofit of proven NO x reduction technology if required in the future.’
      • ‘But once demand for dead space accelerates, retrofits of ‘signal insulation’ will become common.’
      attachment, extra, addition, add-on, retrofit, adjunct, appendage, appurtenance, component, additional component, fitment, supplement


1940s blend of retroactive and refit.