Meaning of retry in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈtrʌɪ/

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verbverb retries, verb retrying, verb retried

  • 1Law
    with object Try (a defendant or case) again.

    ‘Because the verdict was critically tainted, it ordered that the defendant be retried.’
    • ‘The Appeals Chamber may dismiss the appeal, or acquit the appellant, or order that the accused be retried, or change the sentence.’
    • ‘Seven months later, the accused was retried and found guilty as charged.’
    • ‘I am unable to conclude therefore that the defendant would have any reasonable prospect of success if the matter were now to be retried.’
    • ‘You cannot just keep retrying cases and cases, that is the law.’
  • 2Computing
    no object Re-enter a command, especially because an error was made the first time.

    ‘please retry with a valid module name’
    • ‘Since Cleanfeed gives a ‘not found’ error, people visiting the sites are going to assume that it was an error and probably retry at least once.’
    • ‘The browser will then ask the user to retry their user name and password.’
    • ‘Try shutting them down one at a time, and retrying your install.’
    • ‘Bizarrely, retrying the original dates threw up the same error message.’
    • ‘When you retry you will have to sit for thirty seconds while it loads.’
    1. 2.1(of a system) transmit data again because the first attempt was unsuccessful.
      ‘you instruct DOS to retry persistently to print if the printer is busy and won't accept fresh data’
      • ‘If you insert a CD and choose Retry, it will retry as if nothing had gone wrong.’
      • ‘Few messages were rejected during the import process; those that were simply were retried by the source SMTP servers.’
      • ‘In addition, the servers ship with a tool that will retry failed instructions immediately, taking away the need to flush and rebuild software buffers.’
      • ‘If unexpected values are detected, the system employs either a clean-up approach, retries the calculation, outputs a previously calculated value or uses the most significant bit-flip correction scheme.’
      • ‘By default, both the client and server run in the background, messages are logged to ‘syslog’ and the system waits a few seconds then retries after non-permanent errors.’


  • An instance of re-entering a command or retransmitting data.

    ‘the need for retries slows things down’
    • ‘By using the redundant drive, time wasting retries can be eliminated by enabling real-time correction on the controller for failed or slow responding disks.’
    • ‘If, for instance, a message cannot be delivered, it is scheduled to be delivered later, without immediately initiating a continuous retry.’
    • ‘Key factors they published were time to connect, average number of retries, number of unexpected disconnects, download speeds for a range of file sizes, and so on.’
    • ‘A phenomenon known as a ‘ping-pong’ can occur causing retry after retry of a connection until timing allows one participant to finally ‘win.’’
    • ‘For 18GB drives and highspeed 10,000 rpm drives, it is also important to minimize drive vibration to avoid excessive disk errors and time-consuming retries.’