Meaning of réveillon in English:



(also Le Réveillon)
  • (in France and French-speaking countries) a night-time celebration, especially a feast traditionally held after midnight on Christmas morning.

    ‘We did Christmas French-style: we had a ‘reveillon’ on Christmas Eve.’
    • ‘A huge New Year's reveillon took place in Rio de Janeiro, culminating in a display of fireworks in three colours, to symbolise the three races that form the Brazilian people.’
    • ‘We hosted a little ‘réveillon’ party yesterday night, for which Stéphane and I cooked up a pocket-sized storm.’
    • ‘This year's ‘reveillon’ took place in warm torrential rain thundering down like a vast power-shower from skies that seemed to have fallen almost to earth.’



/ˌrɛveɪˈjɒ̃/ /ʀevɛjɔ̃/


French, from réveiller ‘awaken’.