Meaning of revelry in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛvlri/

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mass nounalso revelries
  • Lively and noisy festivities, especially when these involve drinking a large amount of alcohol.

    ‘sounds of revelry issued into the night’
    • ‘New Year revelries’
    • ‘Carnival revelry usually involves large crowds of people packed together - a perfect opportunity for pickpockets.’
    • ‘The season's festive revelries began in force on Thursday evening, but with them came a series of incidents including assault and vandalism.’
    • ‘Angry, he went back to Moscow and once again engaged in a life of revelry, drinking, gambling and womanizing.’
    • ‘It has become the Jewish Mardi Gras, a day of revelry, drinking, and masquerades.’
    • ‘He took delight in game hunting, dousing himself in good drink and revelry.’
    • ‘Hyderabad changed the calendar and ushered in New Year amid revelry and a celebration mood that pervaded every nook and corner.’
    • ‘From all sides came sounds of revelry from cafés and restaurants.’
    • ‘I am off to my sister's house for a night of drunken revelry and debauchery.’
    • ‘Voting has slowed down as everyone strolls off to their debauchery and revelry.’
    • ‘They come with the fanfare and revelry of a merrymaker to cast a wider net and test their own luck in this prime market.’
    • ‘In most people's eyes, Shanghai was an extremely glamorous city during that period, with a splendid variety of entertainment venues for revelries.’
    • ‘Saturday sees a day of music and revelry in Parliament Street, while an Indian festival will bring the Royal Ascot experience to a close tomorrow.’
    • ‘Later on there would be a banquet in his honour, with special entertainments and revelries, and tomorrow he would have his first Skill lesson.’
    • ‘She could not help but feel anxious and she almost wished for the fun and celebratory times of the revelries.’
    • ‘And they come, torn away from their television sets, from their hi-fi systems, from their pub and club bars, from their revelries, from their private parties.’
    • ‘An antiquated licensing law may put a dampener on New Year's Eve revelry across the county and give licensees and police a major headache.’
    • ‘Expect beerhall revelry, stiff-legged dancing and lots of ruthlessly efficient singing.’
    • ‘Some twirled around while others puddled about forcing some of the pedestrians to stop and take note of their revelry.’
    • ‘Coates-Jones's paintings, also newly commissioned, convey her revelry in light, colour and life.’
    • ‘The place was packed, we drank beer, ate chips and crab sticks, indulged in much drunken revelry with loads of laughing friends.’
    celebration, celebrations, partying, parties, revels, festivities, festivity, jollification, merrymaking, carousing, carousal, roistering, debauchery, frolics
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