Meaning of reverse gear in English:

reverse gear


  • A gear used to make a vehicle or piece of machinery move or work backwards.

    ‘he started the engine and crunched into reverse gear’
    • ‘The jeep slowly starts ascending in the top gears with frequent reverse gears at the u-turns.’
    • ‘The system is based on the 5-speed transaxle on the Opel Astra with fifth gear and reverse gear eliminated.’
    • ‘The only vehicles which had more reverse gears were Italian tanks in the last war, so the saying went.’
    • ‘The fourth mode is a driver-selectable ‘lock’ setting, which only operates in first, second and reverse gears.’
    • ‘It gives drivers of the Defender a high and low ratio, along with ten forward and two reverse gears.’
    • ‘Engaging reverse gear takes more effort though.’
    • ‘Most home-brew electric cars using DC motors use the reverse gear built into the manual transmission.’
    • ‘With a hydrostatic transmission, reverse gears are as fast as forward gears, an essential attribute when constructing trails in fresh new snow requiring a lot of back and forth ‘dozing.’’
    • ‘‘Henry Ford forgot to include the reverse gear in the first car he made,’ Mr. Rao tells the students.’
    • ‘The vehicle is powered by a 660 hp V8 diesel engine from Cummins, coupled to a ZF Gears Ltd automatic transmission with four forward and two reverse gears.’
    • ‘I say, if you don't have a reverse gear you shouldn't be driving a car - or a train.’
    • ‘The automatic transmission, manufactured under licence from Renk of Ausburg in Germany, has five forward gears and one reverse gear.’
    • ‘The Curved Dash Oldsmobile, named for the unique shape of its footboard, had a single cylinder four horse power engine, two forward speeds and a reverse gear.’
    • ‘All modern big engines on my railroad use a screw reverse gear with a homemade air motor powering the hand-wheel.’
    • ‘It features a 400 horse-power, six-cylinder turbocharged Cummins engine with four forward and three reverse gears.’
    • ‘The Wincott Toylander II is a faithful half-size version of an early Land Rover, complete with forward and reverse gears, a horn and lights.’
    • ‘The fuel and speed gauges kept failing and the couple also had trouble finding first and reverse gears at different times.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the reverse gear - which is far over to the left beyond the first - can be difficult to engage.’
    • ‘Vehicles fitted with the DVD full-map navigation system will also be equipped with the Toyota Parking Assist System that provides a colour view of the area around the rear of the car when reverse gear is selected.’
    • ‘That almost never happens today because almost all cars with automatic transmissions have a lockout feature: they cannot be switched into reverse gear unless the driver's foot depresses the brake pedal.’