Meaning of reverse takeover in English:

reverse takeover

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  • A takeover of a public company by a smaller company.

    ‘Shire has little surplus cash in its balance sheet, so a paper-based reverse takeover via a share exchange would be the most probable route to a takeover.’
    • ‘ began trading on Monday, following the reverse takeover of its parent, Mean Fiddler.’
    • ‘‘These transactions are at an advanced stage and one possible transaction may constitute a reverse takeover, if concluded,’ the company said.’
    • ‘A further £5 million was raised earlier this year in conjunction with a proposed reverse takeover of a software company, IMS Maxims, which fell apart in April.’
    • ‘OverNet Data (LSE: OND) for instance is a shell company that has come good following the imminent prospect of a reverse takeover.’
    • ‘It has found the confidence to go after a target so large that any deal would amount to a reverse takeover of APC, which is worth just £3.6m these days.’
    • ‘The shares were suspended on July 17 at 4.75p when the company revealed it was subject to a possible reverse takeover.’
    • ‘Jack's plan for HiT was to conduct a reverse takeover by a CDNX company and then seek a NASDAQ listing.’
    • ‘Why compete, they may ask, when one can simply orchestrate a reverse takeover?’
    • ‘Sangoma announced in December that it is involved in a reverse takeover of Inlet Devices Corporation, a public company registered on the Canadian Venture Exchange.’
    • ‘Farrell spoke to a man who claimed to have completed several capital pool reverse takeovers and recommended that they use that method.’
    • ‘CeNeS acquired the Scottish operation in 1999 through a reverse takeover of Core Group.’
    • ‘The reverse takeover will increase the number of listed mobile companies on the main board to four.’
    • ‘It eventually disappeared in a reverse takeover with Cambridge biotech firm CeNes.’
    • ‘To give it more substance he helped it in a reverse takeover of Sheffield United.’
    • ‘First Active could fund some sort of reverse takeover or merger following last year's failed merger with Anglo Irish Bank.’
    • ‘This is an extraordinary form of reverse takeover.’
    • ‘With the HK $6.56 billion reverse takeover, PCPD became a property developer and manager, with Residence Bel-Air being the cream of its property portfolio.’
    • ‘Scanlon was the architect of the great Elders IXL reverse takeover of CUB in the early 1980s, which was the best example we've ever seen of a small predator taking over a bigger target.’
    • ‘There's a good precedent for this kind of reverse takeover.’