Meaning of reverse transcription in English:

reverse transcription


mass nounBiochemistry
  • The reverse of normal transcription, occurring in some RNA viruses, in which a sequence of nucleotides is copied from an RNA template during the synthesis of a molecule of DNA.

    ‘Presumably, this 22-bp sequence was present on the RNA template used for reverse transcription.’
    • ‘For each RNA isolate we performed several control experiments involving amplification reactions on DNA templates and RNA templates prior to reverse transcription.’
    • ‘Second, are the introns of the progenitor gene maintained in the duplicate copy and does reverse transcription of processed mRNA play a significant role in the gene duplication process?’
    • ‘RNA isolation and reverse transcription were performed as previously described.’
    • ‘Thus with the possibility of more than one round of reverse transcription of the repeat unit during RNA template slippage, the slippage retrotransposition model offers an attractive alternative.’