Meaning of revertant in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈvəːt(ə)nt/


  • (of a cell, organism, or strain) having reverted to the normal type from a mutant or abnormal form.

    ‘this reverses the defect and creates revertant bacteria that do not require histidine’
    • ‘This process culminates when haploid lac +revertant cells overgrow the original clone of cells with an amplification.’
    • ‘The bodywall muscle in these revertant animals is also indistinguishable from wild-type muscle when viewed under polarized light (data not shown).’
    • ‘This gives the appearance of directed mutagenesis because only revertant cells survive mutagenesis.’
    • ‘As a complementary approach, chromosomal revertant mutants of cdc7 - PD1 were isolated in the hope that mutations that promote septation and counteract the septation defect of cdc7 - PD1 would be identified.’
    • ‘If the same maximum copy number is used, there will also be a distinct effect on the fitness relative to revertant cells.’


  • A revertant cell, organism, or strain.

    ‘vaccine virus revertants’
    • ‘A lower intensity of mutagenesis can explain all observed revertants if each mutagenized cell has multiple copies of the lac operon.’
    • ‘The numbers of revertants and viable cells were counted after incubation for 2 days at 37°C.’
    • ‘We again found that most cosQ revertants were true revertants.’
    • ‘Our urine mutagenicity testing did not provide evidence of increased numbers of bacterial strain revertants.’
    • ‘As this point approaches, the plated population is mostly dead and the majority of surviving cells are Lac+ revertants.’