Meaning of revolting in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈvəʊltɪŋ/

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  • Causing intense disgust; disgusting.

    ‘there was a revolting smell that lingered in the air’
    • ‘There seems to be a competition going on amongst the senior managers to see who can wear the silliest or most revolting tie.’
    • ‘Then you become hugely desirable, in a revolting sort of way.’
    • ‘Diego Martin has suddenly become the scene of some of the most revolting crimes.’
    • ‘Don't leave me there wondering exactly which revolting character flaw you found the biggest turn off.’
    • ‘The most revolting thing I find about television is the commercials.’
    • ‘It is kind of funny in a revolting way.’
    • ‘This defense makes his original speech all the more revolting.’
    • ‘The first involved much use of dried egg which has a revolting smell, not unlike that of fish food.’
    • ‘I wonder what the revolting students find objectionable about that.’
    • ‘There was a revolting smell that lingered in the air.’
    • ‘It is such a revolting thing to have happened to such an amazing man.’
    • ‘The husband got disgustingly drunk and behaved in a revolting manner.’
    • ‘And when cops raided his house, they found evidence of an even more revolting crime.’
    • ‘So if you also had a revolting time at the restaurant then please, let us know.’
    • ‘This is a revolting confession, I know.’
    • ‘No wonder I didn't know I had a brain when I was at home, or that I wasn't a totally revolting person.’
    • ‘I actually get quite offended if anyone dares to use that revolting word when referring to me.’
    • ‘"He is the most revolting human being I have ever met," Butler said.’
    • ‘Conversely this produced the most revolting cruelty.’
    • ‘This is a revolting gesture of superiority.’