Meaning of revoltingly in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈvəʊltɪŋli/


See revolting

as submodifier ‘when I was a kid I was revoltingly precocious’
  • ‘Yesterday was revoltingly hot and I woke with lower abdominal pain.’
  • ‘It wasn't so long ago that most of the food we eat did not come from revoltingly massive force-feed farms, or from fields laden with toxic chemicals, soaked in nitrogen fertilizer, and stuffed with genetically modified seed.’
  • ‘So yesterday I get a call from Michael at Newcastle Herald or some such Fairfaxian publication, for a bit of an interview with me about this very blog, which will hopefully make me revoltingly famous and internationally lauded.’
  • ‘Despite this, the flesh was much sought after by indigenous people as a source of food and medicine, but I couldn't get past the revoltingly awful smell to try it.’
  • ‘My bodega has started selling these revoltingly large ones.’