Meaning of revolving fund in English:

revolving fund


  • A fund that is continually replenished as withdrawals are made.

    ‘The minister said the credit facility was a revolving fund and that its success would depend on the recipients' diligence in servicing the loans.’
    • ‘Between 1992 and 1999, CISP's limited support centered on irrigation, veterinary service, tsetse fly control, a revolving fund scheme, and microcredit.’
    • ‘‘There is need for Government to set up a revolving fund which will give women access to funds for expansion because it is impossible to borrow from banks due to high interest rates,’ she said.’
    • ‘Mr Manza further said the revolving fund for the sector should continue because it had helped to boost production in the industry.’
    • ‘Mr Nakeempa said the houses would be sold to create a revolving fund for the project with prices determined by production costs at the time of sale.’
    • ‘Ireland's Heritage Council has in recent years funded buildings at risk in much the same way but does not operate a revolving fund.’
    • ‘All these loans are to be paid back to form part of a revolving fund to enable other people to get housing.’
    • ‘It will also finance basic services such as water supply, sanitation, roads, health insurance, education, and will provide revolving funds for livelihood and micro-finance.’
    • ‘It also provided benefits such as a student loan program and a revolving fund to be used for extending credit to Indians.’
    • ‘The main idea behind the project was to establish a revolving fund through the concept of group savings that would be used by as many women as possible in selected districts throughout the country.’
    • ‘And the ministry of Education has, in this year's budget, set aside money to start a revolving fund for teachers as a way of planning for their retirement.’
    • ‘These included programs such as the provision of a revolving fund and skills training for running a poultry farm.’
    • ‘To get started, we set up a revolving fund to cover raw material costs, wages and marketing expenses.’
    • ‘The Defense Business Operations Fund was a DoD-wide revolving fund established in 1991 by consolidating the Services and Defense Logistics Agency stock and industrial revolving funds.’
    • ‘The City Audit Agency revealed on Tuesday that about 40 percent of the total Rp 21.5 billion in revolving funds disbursed to small businesses from 2002 to 2004 had turned into bad debts.’
    • ‘At the same time, few Nunavummiut are aware of the real cost of energy in Nunavut - because retail prices for almost all energy products are kept artificially low by subsidies and revolving funds.’
    • ‘Such authorities would be the next generation of today's state revolving funds for water and wastewater.’
    • ‘Chang added that the bureau may have difficulties paying all the participating institutions by March or April due to a serious shortfall in revolving funds.’
    • ‘More than helping them get bank loans and revolving funds to start their own trade, craft or business, it is concentrating on transfer of technology to them.’
    • ‘Each community unit has to return at least 70 percent of the total loans disbursed to its residents before it can seek another installment from the revolving fund.’