Meaning of rewardingly in English:



See rewarding

‘Such scale-warps are part and parcel of island life and nowhere in England (if Cornwall counts as England) can you dip more completely, more rewardingly, into island life than in the Scillies.’
  • ‘When I began writing this column in September 1997, I said I hoped it would amount to a sharing of problems and solutions with Saga readers, and so, rewardingly, it sometimes turns out to be.’
  • ‘For most visitors, however, it is enough to enjoy the soothing, and rewardingly aesthetic, experience of Hyderabad's little known Paigah tombs.’
  • ‘In spite of its length (over two and a half hours) and occasional flights of fancy, it has a rewardingly esoteric heart.’
  • ‘These lucid scientific interjections compensate rewardingly for the book's relatively weak cultural sense.’