Meaning of rewatch in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈwɒtʃ/ /ˈriːwɒtʃ/


[with object]
  • Watch (a film, television programme, etc.) again.

    ‘I'm rewatching the last two episodes tonight in preparation for tomorrow’
    • ‘There are a few interesting tidbits, but not much else to make you want to rewatch the films a second or third time.’
    • ‘I've always been a big fan of the show and can rewatch episodes endlessly and always find myself laughing.’
    • ‘Listen and rewind to rewatch parts until you are clear on the concepts presented.’
    • ‘This duality makes Tim Burton's films fascinating to watch, and even more fascinating to rewatch.’
    • ‘I enjoyed the movie, but would be loathe to rewatch it any time soon.’
    • ‘I like The Terminator, but I haven't seen it in ages, and need to rewatch it.’
    • ‘You know, I'm going to confess that I rewatched this show.’
    • ‘Movies could be rewatched as many times as desired by paying a fee by credit card.’
    • ‘I bought the DVD about a year ago and rewatched it.’
    • ‘He watches and rewatches a YouTube clip of him receiving an award at a country club on Long Island.’


  • An act or instance of watching a film, television programme, etc. again.

    ‘it's one of my favourite shows and definitely worth a rewatch’
    • ‘I'm sure I could think of more on a rewatch … which ain't gonna happen.’
    • ‘Is a film only valued once, or do rewatches count?’
    • ‘My rewatch of the whole of Who is just about reaching the moment when what's available becomes decidedly patchy.’
    • ‘On rewatch it gains significance, further underlining the thematic current of cons and misdirection, of people pretending to be what they aren't.’
    • ‘On rewatch, this feels like a sly joke on the part of Lost's writers, cluing us into what's in store for the audience and the castaways.’
    • ‘May I then recommend a rewatch of that 80s classic Labyrinth.’
    • ‘There's more to love with this 3D version, but I doubt it's going to tempt most viewers to give the film a rewatch.’
    • ‘Ben's response is funny on its face, and it's clever on rewatch.’
    • ‘We'll be coming back to this idea throughout the rewatch and I'll expand a little further on it just below.’
    • ‘It's also an episode which doesn't demand an immediate rewatch so that every angle can be dissected and chewed over.’
    • ‘After cogitating on it some more since the broadcast and the iPlayer rewatch, I've decided that actually The Time of the Doctor is a thrilling, extraordinary piece of television.’
    • ‘I learnt this word from a rewatch of Pirates of the Caribbean.’