Meaning of rewild in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːˈwʌɪld/


[with object]
  • Restore (an area of land) to its natural uncultivated state (used especially with reference to the reintroduction of species of wild animal that have been driven out or exterminated)

    ‘talk of rewilding North America gives some people nightmares of wolves running through the streets of Chicago and of grizzlies in LA’
    • ‘Militants vow not just to end pollution but to take back and "rewild" one third of the United States.’
    • ‘In its quest to "rewild" North America by creating a network of protected wilderness landscapes, it contends that the earth is in the midst of "the sixth great extinction" - the first species die-off to occur at the hands of humans.’
    • ‘This is the world we got when we chose, incrementally in a million fits and starts, to "rewild" our continent because we finally realized that natural biological systems which include us are invaluable and irreplaceable.’
    • ‘His Tucson-based organization seeks to "rewild" North America by establishing a connected system of habitats untamed enough to support the full array of the continent's biodiversity - including large predators such as wolves, mountain lions, and grizzly bears.’
    • ‘The book is a must read for primitivists and those who would rewild Britain.’
    • ‘"Of course, oak is one of the things Mr. Horn wants to plant here when he rewilds."’
    • ‘He was one of many who spoke on "rewilding" North America to reverse the trend towards extinction.’
    • ‘Not only did he believe in managing wilderness, he believed in rewilding degraded wilderness.’