Meaning of rewrite history in English:

rewrite history


  • Select or present past events in a way that suits one's particular purposes.

    ‘they have moved closer to their goal of rewriting history with themselves in the role of hero’
    • ‘Our purpose is not to rewrite history but, rather, to learn from our past and to find ways to deal with the negative impacts that certain historical decisions continue to have in our society today.’
    • ‘It's as if we wait for another rail tragedy to act as confirmation of our worst fears, and when one happens we rewrite history to present it as a disaster in the making.’
    • ‘We can rewrite history, but the present will always return to haunt us.’
    • ‘No longer can she rewrite history to suit her politician's vanity or her increasingly erratic moods.’
    • ‘It is said that each generation rewrites history to suit itself and it seems likely that the chronicles might have overlooked a few things about the world, as great-granddad knew it.’
    • ‘A global corporation has its own set of values and priorities, and thus would be forced to rewrite history to suit its vendors and dealers.’
    • ‘Thomas himself was not above trying to change the meaning of events and rewrite history.’
    • ‘While only those select few who participated in the project know for certain the course of events, there are no obvious signs that Mishkin is rewriting history.’
    • ‘Is it more offensive to rewrite history within the living memory of those who were present than it is to inaccurately portray historical events that occurred long before our time?’