Meaning of rhetorical question in English:

rhetorical question

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  • A question asked in order to create a dramatic effect or to make a point rather than to get an answer.

    ‘the presentation was characterized by impossibly long sentences and a succession of rhetorical questions’
    • ‘Is nothing sacred? That's a rhetorical question, BTW’
    • ‘The close intensity of their conversation and correspondence is highlighted by Barrett Browning's frequent use of ellipses and rhetorical questions.’
    • ‘All present took it, rightly, as a rhetorical question and did our best to nod agreement.’
    • ‘In the talks I give, I raise a rhetorical question about how values function and how they apply to our own lives.’
    • ‘Before positing his rhetorical question, however, Mills goes for a more direct approach: "You people are going to respect me if it kills you."’
    • ‘I only wish to clarify the rhetorical question that I posed (and to which you graciously replied).’
    • ‘He allows them to respond to his rhetorical questions, giving them an even greater sense that he cares about them and their opinions.’
    • ‘She has decided to take refuge in her job, asking the rhetorical question, "Why do I need a personal life if my work makes me happy?"’
    • ‘It poses a series of rhetorical questions on how a poet may be recognized and ends in an epigrammatic fashion, revealing its answer succinctly at the end.’
    • ‘Winfrey finished her tale with the rhetorical question: "now why did she do that?"’
    • ‘I'm just doing my journalistic duty and posing interesting rhetorical questions to get you to think.’