Meaning of rhinology in English:


Pronunciation /rʌɪˈnɒlədʒi/


mass noun
  • The branch of medicine concerned with conditions affecting the nose.

    ‘subjects were recruited from the Rhinology and Allergy outpatient clinics’
    • ‘the society provides a platform for those with an interest in rhinology to help disseminate knowledge on the subject’
    • ‘Last month, he received a very prestigious oration by the All India Rhinology Society of India (AIRS).’
    • ‘A single blinded, randomized, controlled, prospective study was performed at St. Paul's Sinus Center, Vancouver, a tertiary referral rhinology center.’
    • ‘It has two other product candidates currently in pre-clinical development for tinnitus and rhinology, respectively.’
    • ‘He is director of rhinology research at the University of Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘The meet and greet will include medical information about Aziz's specialization in seasonal allergies, otolaryngology, rhinology and ear, nose and throat illnesses.’