Meaning of rhodanthe in English:


Pronunciation /rəʊˈdanθi/


  • Any of numerous Australian and South African xerophytic plants constituting the genus Rhodanthe (family Asteraceae (Compositae)), which have daisy-like everlasting flowers; especially the pink-flowered Australian R. manglesii, often grown as a half-hardy annual. Also (in form Rhodanthe): the genus itself.

    Valid publication of the genus name: J. Lindley 1835, in Edwards's Bot. Reg. 20 1703.


Mid 19th century. From scientific Latin Rhodanthe from post-classical Latin Rhodanthe, name of a character in mythology from Hellenistic Greek Ῥοδάνθη, name of a character in mythology from ancient Greek ῥόδον rose + ἄνθος flower.