Meaning of rhodophyte in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrəʊdə(ʊ)fʌɪt/


  • A lower plant of the division Rhodophyta, which comprises the red algae.

    ‘The cells of rhodophytes are commonly covered by a slimy outer sheath.’
    • ‘For two important groups, rhodophytes and stramenopiles, we combined more distantly related taxa, since the monophyly of these groups has not been questioned.’
    • ‘Almost all living rhodophytes are multicellular.’
    • ‘The question mark indicates the uncertain origin of the beta-tubulin sequence ascribed to the rhodophyte Porphyra purpurea.’
    • ‘The present study provides a large data set that will allow us to test these hypotheses in context with the phylogeny of the rhodophyte order the Bangiales.’