Meaning of rhombohedron in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrɒmbə(ʊ)ˈhiːdr(ə)n/

nounplural noun rhombohedra/ˌrɒmbə(ʊ)ˈhiːdrə/ , plural noun rhombohedrons

  • 1A solid figure whose faces are six equal rhombuses.

    1. 1.1A rhombohedral crystal or other solid object.
      ‘He arrived at this from a study of calcite crystals of various habits and noted that the cleavage rhombohedra were always the same.’
      • ‘This Eagle mine is well known for dark spruce-green, rough-surfaced octahedra of fluorite associated with rhombohedra of rhodochrosite to 0.75 inch on edge.’
      • ‘These are nearly always accompanied by parallel overgrowth of several flattened rhombohedra aligned along each scalenohedron's c-axis, forming ‘pagodas’.’
      • ‘Specimens of slightly twisted, slightly curving chains of malformed, obtuse rhombohedra of calcite have been collected as specimens from the Cross vein.’
      • ‘At the Lower East Fork locality nontronite was observed as brownish-black spherules, 0.6 mm in diameter, perched on microcrystals of quartz associated with calcite rhombohedra.’
      • ‘Faceted stones weighing 25.56 and 61.24 carats along with a rhombohedron of rhodochrosite on matrix are illustrated and discussed by Sinkankas.’
      • ‘Colorless and transparent as well as white scalenohedra of a first generation are rarely overgrown by a second-generation rhombohedron and are twinned on { 0001 }.’
      • ‘At most locations in the Deccan Traps, the primary form for calcite is the rhombohedron.’
      • ‘Sharp, clear magnesite rhombohedra may be mistaken for ‘Iceland spar’ calcite, but the density is a quick tip-off to the mineral's true identity.’
      • ‘The Henderson mine also contains sharp octahedra of pale grass-green fluorite to 1.25 inches on edge, but generally much smaller, that are commonly associated with pale pink rhodochrosite rhombohedra to about 0.25 inch.’
      • ‘Several common carbonate minerals that form rhombohedra have been reported at the Lake George intrusive center: calcite, ferroan calcite, manganoan calcite, manganosiderite, rhodochrosite, and siderite.’
      • ‘Rhodochrosite crystals do occur here from time to time as relatively small flat rhombohedra.’
      • ‘This occurrence is known for plates of complex rhombohedra of pink manganoan calcite.’
      • ‘Perhaps the best rhodochrosite specimen from this mining period, a lustrous, translucent red rhombohedron about 4 inches on edge, is now on exhibit in the Coors Mineral Hall of the Denver Museum of Natural History.’
      • ‘Along this seam were occasional pockets from 0.1 to 0.5 meter across, lined with calcite rhombohedra.’
      • ‘Gilman pyrites typically have associated minerals, particularly flattened siderite rhombohedra and marmatite.’
      • ‘Rhodochrosite from the Sunnyside mine generally forms pale pink to strawberry-pink simple rhombohedra on plates of drusy white quartz.’
      • ‘A bit farther along the haulage tunnel from the chloritic quartz zone was an area containing plates of white quartz coated with a crust of strawberry-pink rhodochrosite rhombohedra.’
      • ‘Access to the pit is prohibited, but excellent specimens of calcite scalenohedra, dolomite rhombohedra, pyrite, and marcasite have been collected from the pit's east wall.’
      • ‘It commonly forms large, perfect rhombohedra that are cherry-red, strawberry-pink, or pale pink in color.’


Early 19th century from rhombus+ -hedron, on the pattern of words such as polyhedron.