Meaning of rhymer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʌɪmə/


See rhyme

‘The presence of ‘rue’ in ‘untrue’ would have appealed to a poet of Southwell's microcosmic bent, and his choice suggests that he was a careful and aware rhymer.’
  • ‘‘Gettin' Down at the Amphitheater,’ which features De La Soul as guest rhymers, fondly evokes the film Wild Style, a 1982 tale of South Bronx graffiti, love, and rap.’
  • ‘The rhymers par excellence have been the Cockneys of London, who have developed an elaborate and colourful collection of slang terms based on rhyme, such as trouble and strife for ‘wife’ and mince pies for ‘eyes’.’
  • ‘There are plenty of guest rhymers to be found on this CD, but the vocals are often cut and sliced to such an enormous extent that the listener is left unable to discern the contents of the lyrics.’
  • ‘Seven albums into his career, Terfry has gained a rep as a true original: he snarls like Tom Waits (after a throat lozenge), and compared to other rhymers, proffers stories instead of a grab bag of slogans.’