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Pronunciation /ˈrɪðmɪk/

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  • 1Having or relating to rhythm.

    ‘a rhythmic dance’
    • ‘They use alliteration and rhythmic art in a way that has been compared to the prose of Ælfric.’
    • ‘So I worked out what I wanted to do with the hexameter line, a line that is strongly rhythmic.’
    • ‘In a Kathak solo performance; the dancer first recites the rhythmic composition of the dance.’
    • ‘The rhythmic pounding of hooves caught his attention and he rode quietly towards the sound.’
    • ‘Her legs moved fast, tapping on the pads and somehow liking the rhythmic pounding of her feet.’
    • ‘He heard the raucous shouts and the rhythmic twist of the dance accompaniment as he turned into the alley, and he quickened his pace.’
    • ‘Brooklynn could feel the heat in her cheeks, and the rhythmic pounding of her heart.’
    • ‘Usually its entrance is accompanied by rhythmic singing and members dance on to the stage.’
    • ‘The rocking motion of the car over the uneven track, and the rhythmic pounding against the underside of the car.’
    • ‘Thus Capoera is a rhythmic, dancing martial art, sparring and practicing are set to music.’
    • ‘We heard the rhythmic pounding as the spear points were hammered onto shafts of ash wood.’
    • ‘The rhythmic motives in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony suggest the notion of the knocking of fate at your door.’
    • ‘The writing is rhythmic and poetic and the characters so real that you long to know what became of them in later life.’
    • ‘It is a rhythmic dance full of graceful movements to welcome guests.’
    • ‘Behind us, a middle-aged couple began to dance, a gentle rhythmic shuffle which seemed to catch on amongst the audience.’
    • ‘The energy on stage was carried into the crowd as the fortunate few danced to the rhythmic tunes.’
    • ‘They are more like a loud, low pitched groan or a rhythmic pounding that repeats and becomes a long moan.’
    • ‘A couple of years ago I wrote a poem for the hot season, in a very rhythmic form called a Sapphic stanza.’
    • ‘Dances are accompanied by highly rhythmic music in which drumming plays a leading role.’
    • ‘Both dance forms involve artistes creating rhythmic patterns of movements.’
    pulsing, with a steady pulse, rhythmical, metrical, measured, throbbing, beating, pulsating, cadenced, lilting, repeated, periodic, regular, steady, even, paced
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  • 2Occurring regularly.

    ‘there are rhythmic changes in our bodies’
    • ‘The conversion step at which rhythmic ethylene production is regulated also differs between species.’
    • ‘As he continued to ponder these things, he noted her breathing had become steady and rhythmic.’
    • ‘The only sound I could hear was the steady pace of my own breathing, which along with the rhythmic escape of air bubbles was quite hypnotic.’
    • ‘It gives one a sense of the endless, rhythmic waves of Kurdish struggles for nationhood.’
    • ‘The sinking and rising of lakes is the sole rhythmic variation on a theme of universal erosion.’
    • ‘Soon after this a completely new repertory of rhyming, rhythmic sequences began to develop.’


Early 17th century from French rhythmique or via Latin from Greek rhuthmikos, from rhuthmos (see rhythm).