Meaning of rhythmically in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɪðmɪkli/

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  • 1In a way that relates to rhythm.

    ‘rhythmically complex music’
    • ‘rhythmically precise passages of dialogue’
    • ‘The tenor gave a masterful performance of the rhythmically tricky role of Harlequin.’
    • ‘How he gets such power from this orchestra—usually rhythmically flaccid—I'll never know.’
    • ‘The final main section features a rhythmically buoyant interlude between stanzas with choral sections in dialogue.’
    • ‘The monologue continues at a rhythmically controlled pace with no emotion or tension in his voice.’
    • ‘The video footage, rhythmically edited, is pure vérité.’
    • ‘It's a typically intense, focused drama, filmed in the director's characteristically muscular, rhythmically disorienting style.’
    • ‘I find the slow movement the oddest rhythmically.’
    • ‘The music is rhythmically urgent yet laced with aristocratic lyricism.’
    • ‘Painting re-entered his art in the 1980s, initially via assemblages of paint tubes with their contents squeezed out in rhythmically arranged blobs.’
    • ‘There's something rhythmically beautiful about it.’
  • 2In a rhythmic manner.

    ‘the verses are rhythmically chanted’
    • ‘they all moved rhythmically to the music’
    • ‘As evening approached, the rain persisted, streaking the windowpanes and drumming rhythmically against the rooftop.’
    • ‘He strode briskly through the dark corridors of his fortress, his sword clicking rhythmically against his left leg.’
    • ‘Their feet step rhythmically on wooden floorboards in time to the beat, their eyes fixed on each other.’
    • ‘It was rhythmically dropping debris for the duration of at least a minute, every two seconds.’
    • ‘The blood rhythmically alternates from red to blue, moving away from the lungs then back again.’
    • ‘It is a marine gastropod that swims by rhythmically flapping its wing-like parapodia.’
    • ‘The male flash code involves a single flash repeated rhythmically every 0.6 to 1.0 second, depending upon temperature.’
    • ‘There wasn't room to dance expansively, so we shuffled rhythmically with arms above our heads.’
    • ‘I passed by at least five incredible women who almost compelled me to remove my shoe and rhythmically smack my head with it.’
    • ‘They rhythmically clapped in an attempt to distract and drown out the speakers.’