Meaning of rhythmless in English:



See rhythm

‘The music is stark and odd, composed largely of out-of-tune singing, rhythmless guitar plucking, and merciless assaults on a piano.’
  • ‘But this sort of abstract use of hooks in the context of beat-heavy but rhythmless compositions somehow comes together in a really viscerally graspable way.’
  • ‘She paused long enough to let the change of direction take effect, then resumed the rapid, rhythmless speech.’
  • ‘Their prose is certainly noticeable, filled as it is with cliches of all kinds, mistakes of all kinds, rhythmless sentences and paragraphs, repetition in sentence structure, and unintended word repetition.’
  • ‘The pervasive mood and rhythmless, glitch-driven complexity of the album make it at least somewhat enjoyable, if only as background music, but that's about the best that can be said for it.’