Meaning of rib-tickler in English:




  • A very amusing joke or story.

    • ‘There is at present a buzz in the industry around Saju Kodiyan, who pulled off rib-ticklers in the television comedy strip, ‘Cinemala’.’
    • ‘As rib-ticklers go, this was not exactly a classic.’
    • ‘I glumly consign a notebook packed full of rib-ticklers about bratwurst and square-headed men with no sense of humour to the bin.’
    • ‘The sad thing is that Tim could have found many more rib-ticklers, but being a man of iron will, he won't.’
    • ‘There is the classic, carefully crafted shtick of the old-fashioned nightclub comedian, routines and rib-ticklers cast and recast into perfectly polished pearls of witticism.’
    • ‘Godard's not known for rib-ticklers, but Histoire is frequently funny.’
    • ‘But it does mean that what is advertised and intended as an uproarious rib-tickler is really a far better light tragedy.’
    • ‘How do you like this rib-tickler from Leckie, on why the SSP's manifesto went unbudgeted: ‘This isn't Countdown and I'm not Carol Vorderman.‘’
    • ‘Anyone who believes the national stereotype of the Germans as humourless might like to ponder the following Teutonic rib-tickler: How did the Grand Canyon originate?’
    • ‘The belly laughs provoked by that rib-tickler have put the entire main island of Japan on tsunami alert.’
    funny story, jest, witticism, quip, pleasantry