Meaning of richness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɪtʃnɪs/

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mass noun
  • 1The state of existing in or containing plentiful quantities of something desirable.

    ‘tropical gardens with an enormous richness of flora and fauna’
    • ‘the richness and diversity of human culture’
    • ‘I can locate all the ingredients of a painting in the richness of the outside world, the world of perception.’
    • ‘It is not easy to summarise his text in all its richness.’
    • ‘What's at stake is a cultural richness that is unique in the United States.’
    • ‘Victory monuments, monumental altars, and porticoed squares competed with royal palaces in the richness of their artistic display.’
    • ‘The results are almost always flashy and image-obsessed, detracting from the richness of human use and experience.’
    • ‘Author and photographer tell the story of this place through its pavements with love, subtlety, and layered richness of knowledge.’
    • ‘Balconies, shutters, overhanging tile roofs, and wood detailing all add richness and variety.’
    • ‘These centres protect the natural genetic richness of hundreds of plant species.’
    • ‘The richness of these museum collections is dependent upon generous donations.’
    • ‘Why this ignorance to the richness of West African buildings?’
    1. 1.1The quality of containing a large amount of fat, spices, sugar, etc.
      ‘the sorrel cuts through the richness of the sauce’
      • ‘During the medieval period, there was no clear distinction between bread and cake in terms of richness and sweetness.’
      • ‘Slightly hot peppers such as these often have a flavour of superior richness and interest.’
      • ‘The complexity and richness of Cantonese cuisine do not permit reducing it to a few dominant flavours.’
      • ‘The addition of a clove to beef stock or to a stew gives it a richness whose source will be unidentified.’
      • ‘This special tail fat gives a pleasing fragrance and richness to many Persian meat dishes that is difficult to emulate.’
      • ‘Nouvelle cuisine, while reducing the richness and quantity of the food and the complexity of the sauces, now emphasizes its visual appeal.’
      • ‘They are cooked together until the milk is absorbed and almost vanishes, leaving behind a richness of texture and taste.’
      • ‘The Indian genius has applied the nutty richness of highly reduced milk to virtually every vegetable puree and flavouring.’
      • ‘Fattier pieces are added to heavy dishes of pulses or preserved cabbage, adding richness and flavour.’
      • ‘These foods appeared to be distinguished mainly by their sweetness, richness, warmth of aroma, and high-calorie content.’
  • 2The quality of being pleasingly deep or strong.

    ‘her voice retains a wonderful richness of tone’
    • ‘all are amazed at the richness of the colours’
    • ‘Powdered lapis lazuli and malachite provided richness of colour, and metallic pigments were made from gold, silver, and copper.’
    • ‘There is a joyous incandescence in the harmonies, a playful energy and a richness of colouration.’
    • ‘Actual shadows often play an integral role in his asymmetrical compositions, adding tonal richness.’
    • ‘There is a richness of sound which balances the melancholic aspect of the music.’
    • ‘The result is an understated simplicity in the design of the clothes, but also a richness of texture and colour.’
    • ‘The costumes had an eye-catching vibrancy and textural richness.’
    • ‘It was a sonic stew of vocal stylings, mixed with an aural richness and adventurousness.’
    • ‘These poems have the texture and richness of design of linguistic brocade.’
    • ‘The soprano exhibited dark, smoky richness of timbre and pure, dulcet high tones that entranced the ear.’
    • ‘The result is an album that quietly intoxicates, sometimes catching you off-guard, but always surprising you with the richness of the vocals.’