Meaning of ricin in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A highly toxic protein obtained from the pressed seeds of the castor oil plant.

    ‘There was a previous radiation study of ricin, a dimeric molecule linked by a single disulfide bridge.’
    • ‘Signs and symptoms of ricin poisoning depend on whether a person inhales or ingests ricin.’
    • ‘Studies have been performed on ricin as a possible anticancer agent.’
    • ‘Inside the flat, police found traces of ricin, castor oil beans and equipment for crushing the beans.’
    • ‘Because castor beans are readily available, public health officials warn that ricin could be used for terrorism.’



/ˈrʌɪsɪn/ /ˈrɪsɪn/


Late 19th century from modern Latin Ricinus communis(denoting the castor oil plant) + -in.