Meaning of rictal in English:



See rictus

‘Myiobius also has the long rictal bristles and erythrurus has the rufous tail found in Onychorhynchus and Cnipodectes.’
  • ‘Incongruously, Myrmothera was separated from Grallaria and Thamnocharis on the basis of the absence of rictal bristles; but Hylopezus, which also lacks rictal bristles, was included in Grallaria.’
  • ‘Of those, two were skeletal, seven were based on plumage or soft-part colors, and five dealt with tarsal scutellations, rictal bristles, and egg color.’
  • ‘It also has a tiny beak with a large gape, surrounded by stiff feathers called rictal bristles, which help the bird catch its aerial prey.’
  • ‘The bare interramal skin is dusky, and visible rictal bristles are absent.’