Meaning of ride-on in English:



  • Denoting a power-driven machine, especially a lawnmower, on which the operator rides.

    ‘a ride-on mower’
    • ‘Children younger than 14 years should not be allowed to operate ride-on lawn mowers, and adolescents should be trained in the use of these machines before independent use.’
    • ‘Bargain hunters snapped up ride-on lawn mowers, hot water systems, washing machines and an in-ground swimming pool after the closure of the park last Thursday.’
    • ‘I often wonder how many extra ride-on lawn mowers, electronic cat flaps or multi-use foot spas were produced because of the little ticks we placed in boxes.’
    • ‘We use too many escalators, ride-on lawn mowers and watch too much TV.’
    • ‘The track was elevated on concrete pedestals and would only take small ride-on engines.’
    • ‘Everything from a ride-on lawn mower, chests of drawers, two pianos and pots and pans were up for grabs in a silent auction held yesterday, with health staff getting first choice.’
    • ‘He seems affable enough at the beginning when he reveals the make-do character of the locals by modifying a ride-on lawn mower as a motorized wheelchair for his mum.’
    • ‘The shed contained a ride-on lawn mower, gas BBQ, old bunk beds, wooden tables and chairs and bric-a-brac.’
    • ‘We have two ride-on mowers, one of which doesn't run for more than half-an-hour and neither are suitable to be used in wet weather as they block up.’
    • ‘In 1996 he became the first person to travel by ride-on lawnmower from John O'Groats to Land's End to raise funds for charity.’
    • ‘Also available at the stores would be concrete mixers, generators, power washers, strimmers, hedge trimmers and Castlegarden ride-on lawnmowers.’
    • ‘Household items include two ride-on mowers, four telescopes, rooms of leather furniture, four 60-inch televisions, eight bicycles, five sets of digital satellite systems and dozens of antique cabinets.’
    • ‘He's already broken the world record for the longest ever ride-on mower trek by more than 2000 kilometres and he's still got another 8200 kilometres to go before he pulls back into his Binnaway driveway.’
    • ‘A mechanically propelled vehicle covers not only cars but electric or motorised wheelchairs and ride-on lawnmowers.’
    • ‘Disillusioned with football, Bartsch retired at 25 and moved to Darwin, where he was interviewed this week as he sat on a ride-on mower during his landscaping rounds.’
    • ‘After lunch I was dragged off to visit Gliddon's Gleaming Garden Equipment Showroom, lured by the promise that, if I was good, I'd be allowed to sit on one of the big ride-on mowers.’
    • ‘Mennell, who said he did not know it was an offence to use a ride-on mower on a path while under the influence, gave a breath reading of almost three-times the legal driving limit.’
    • ‘The ride-on mower was taken away and will be inspected by North Yorkshire Police's vehicle examination team.’
    • ‘Armed with a garden fork, Mr Fairwood told Gath to lie on the floor before binding him hand and foot with garden twine and then tying him to the ride-on lawnmower.’
    • ‘And all I'm licensed for is to drive a car, moped, and a ride-on lawnmower.’


  • 1A ride-on lawnmower.

    ‘Gardencare has the widest range of mowers, ride-ons, quads and strimmers available from leading manufacturers such as Atco-Qualcast, Countax, Flymo, Hayter, Marunaka, Mountfied, Rover, Toro, and Briggs & Stratton.’
    • ‘It's so much easier to work in the garden if the right tools are at hand - who wouldn't love mowing if they had a state-of-the-art ride-on to play with!’
  • 2mainly North American A toy car that a child can sit in and move.

    • ‘Children are welcome to bring their own ride-ons or toys.’