Meaning of ride pillion in English:

ride pillion


  • Travel seated behind a motorcyclist.

    ‘They had returned home with A-Nong riding pillion on Monchai's motorcycle with Mukda following behind on her own motorbike.’
    • ‘The inquiry at Westminster Coroner's Court heard how Clayton Skipworth, 22, was riding pillion on a motorcycle on Clapham Common Northside late in the evening of Friday, September 13.’
    • ‘The rules to be followed while travelling in buses, autorickshaws, cars and riding pillion on two-wheelers have been listed.’
    • ‘She indicated Bradson would ride pillion behind one rider, she behind the other.’
    • ‘The 62 brave women volunteered to ride pillion with members of the Essex Harley Davidson and Honda clubs to raise money for Little Haven Children's Hospice.’
    • ‘The biker's wife, a 40-year-old woman riding pillion, suffered a broken wrist and suspected broken leg’
    • ‘The 18-year-old from Toothill was riding pillion on the motorbike when it was in collision with a car on Great Western Way on Friday.’
    • ‘He was riding pillion on a motorbike which crashed while avoiding police.’
    • ‘He was riding pillion with his boss when the bike collided with a car on the Great Western Way.’
    • ‘If you've a partner who refuses to ride pillion, you've the option of adding a sidecar.’