Meaning of ride-share in English:



[no object]US
  • Participate in an arrangement in which a passenger travels in a private vehicle driven by its owner, for free or for a fee, especially as arranged by means of a website or app.

    ‘riders place a request to ride-share by setting a pick-up and drop-off location via the app’
    ‘software enables workers to ride-share’
    • ‘Pilots, who have always loved to ride-share but found it difficult to arrange, were looking forward to taking advantage of modern sharing technology.’
    • ‘"If the Legislature changed the law, where people could ride-share, and set the proper guidelines the PPA would abide by that."’
    • ‘Most hiking clubs ride-share, so the gas cost is usually not prohibitive.’
    • ‘In Charlotte, NC - ride-share to Los Angeles or hitchhike?’
    • ‘Send matching commuters an invitation to ride share.’


US usually as modifier
  • another term for ride-sharing

    ‘cab drivers want the City Council to regulate ride-share companies’
    another term for ride-sharing
    ‘peer-to-peer ride-share is booming’
    • ‘That could mean other firms will start arranging ride-share programs.’
    • ‘New York City officials are trying to determine if a ride-share program would work.’
    • ‘A ride-share program would reduce the dependency on automobiles.’
    • ‘Employees may continue driving to work or they may exchange their parking subsidy for cash and buy a transit pass, bicycle supplies, or pay ride-share costs.’
    • ‘The sites include sections for real estate, "community" (lost and found, ride-share, volunteers), employment, events, and services.’
    • ‘For Chennai, with its perennial parking problem, peaks of pollution and an explosion of automobiles, ride-share could well be an idea whose time has come.’
    • ‘Car-pooling has its challenges - tardiness, heavy perfume, clashing musical tastes - that can tax the fragile dynamic of the two-person ride-share, by all accounts the standard arrangement these days.’
    • ‘"You know, it's sometimes very hard to car-pool," said Henry, whose ride-share arrangement collapsed, he says, after he was once left stranded.’
    • ‘The online classified service Craigslist reported a 67 percent surge in posts for Long Island ride-shares from May to June.’
    • ‘Three-or-more ride-shares are uncommon because of the difficulty in scheduling.’