Meaning of right-angled in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʌɪtˌaŋɡld/

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  • Containing or being a right angle.

    ‘a right-angled triangle’
    • ‘Of the methods taught by Aryabhata and demonstrated by his scholiast Bhaskara I, some are based on comparison of similar right-angled plane triangles, and others are derived from inference.’
    • ‘With sides 1 and 4, a right-angled triangle has hypotenuse 10 and, although 10 is not a Fibonacci number it is twice a Fibonacci number.’
    • ‘In the case of a square, it's possible to mimic the resulting pattern by constructing a series of larger and larger right-angled triangles, starting with a square in the middle.’
    • ‘In the modern world Pythagoras is best remembered for the mathematical theorem that he is said to have created - the one about the square on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle.’
    • ‘Increasingly, he is intent on inventing new structures, combining forms that are right-angled and curved, solid and open, linear and planar, volumetric and void.’
    • ‘A key element is the striking handle on the pots and jugs: a right-angled affair with a beautiful curve and circular cutout to fit the hand perfectly.’
    • ‘While constructing freestanding sculptures, Gummer continued to create increasingly complex multilayered reliefs incorporating both right-angled and curvilinear forms.’
    • ‘Before you start painting the white walls purple and chucking out all your lovely right-angled shelving units because they're so last season, remember that an investment in clever accessories can transform your house.’
    • ‘If the artists were using black tiles to make a rounded corner, they'd insert a few grey ones in the crevices of right-angled parts - creating the illusion that the corner was smoother than it really was.’
    • ‘A wagon crossing the junction would have had to make two right-angled turns, each of which would have needed to use the full width of the road (wagons need twice their width in order to turn through a right-angle).’
    • ‘The carriageway width of the L12044 is approximately 3.5km and there is a right-angled bend about two-thirds the way along the road, where there is a cluster of housing.’
    • ‘There is a rough red square in the center of the painting, surrounded by other right-angled forms that are primarily black (in the lower left corner) and yellow in color.’
    • ‘The rural landscape hardly seems farmed, but that's just an American eye, expecting arrow-straight crop lines and right-angled fields.’
    • ‘The subtle effects of light are strikingly investigated, but the right-angled hatchwork feels abstract, and therefore more contemporary.’
    • ‘The Upper Series consists of a main passage about 200 metres long, divided into two by a right-angled bend where it connects with The Bye Pass Crawl from the Far Eastern Bedding Plane.’
    • ‘The site for the Loft, a 77 unit condominium development, is a right-angled triangle with both acute angles cut off so it is more a misshapen pentagon.’
    • ‘The right-angled arms of this ancient sun-sign denote the indirect way that Divinity is apprehended: by intuition and not by intellect.’
    • ‘Mr Emerick, who lives in Woodfalls, said that, in the children's spa, there is a narrow channel with gushing water and the corners are at head height with right-angled tiled corners.’
    • ‘Lenero balances tonal subtleties with his right-angled shapes.’
    • ‘The roof timbers consisted of right-angled yellow wood beams, combined with round poplar poles and held together with wooden pegs.’
    quadrilateral, rectangular, oblong, right-angled, at right angles, perpendicular