Meaning of right-centre in English:


Pronunciation /rʌɪtˈsɛntə/


(US right-center)
  • 1Military
    Occupying a position between the centre and the right; situated near the centre on the right-hand side.

  • 2Politics
    Also with capital initials. Of or relating to the right-centre; moderately right-of-centre.

    Originally in French contexts.


(US right-center)
  • 1Military
    A position, orientation, or area between the centre and the right, or near the centre on the right-hand side.

  • 2Military
    A body of troops positioned between the centre and the right wing; the right-centre part of an array of troops. Now chiefly historical.

  • 3Baseball
    The part of a baseball field located between centre field and right field.

  • 4Sport
    A player occupying a position on the right of the centre of the field of play; the position occupied by such a player.

    Rugby Football the rightmost of the centre three-quarters; Australian Rules Football a right wing.

  • 5Politics
    Also with capital initials. Chiefly in French contexts: a section of a government, political party, or other group holding moderate right-of-centre views.

    The use originates with the seating positions of the 1789 French National Assembly: see "centre", "right".


Mid 18th century. From right + centre.