Meaning of right wing in English:

right wing

Pronunciation /ˌrʌɪt ˈwɪŋ/

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the right wing
  • 1The section of a political party or system that advocates free enterprise and private ownership, and typically favours socially traditional ideas; the conservative group or section.

    ‘a candidate from the right wing of the party’
    • ‘The political coup by the right wing has already begun to provoke a political response from below.’
    • ‘The right wing of the Conservative Party is unwilling to enter Europe, and the symptoms have spread to Hearts.’
    • ‘Laurent Fabius, from the right wing of the Socialist Party, argued in a similar fashion in his stand against the constitution.’
    • ‘The right wing of the Republican Party overreached themselves on that one but they are better prepared this time around.’
    • ‘In 1982 important sections of the right wing went from Labour to form the Social Democratic Party.’
    • ‘As a Social Democrat firmly situated on the right wing of the party, he pushed ahead with the expansion and restructuring of the army.’
    • ‘Its politics are essentially those of people like Norman Tebbit on the right wing of the Tory party.’
    • ‘In fact, the right wing in the Liberal Party is based around former student politicians.’
    • ‘His move to a constitutional amendment demonstrates that when the going gets tough, he caves to the right wing of his party.’
    • ‘Voves stands on the right wing of the social democrats, having entered politics as a novice from the business world.’
    • ‘She tried thereby to take the wind from the sails of Roland Koch, the representative of the right wing of the party.’
    • ‘Although he was on the right wing of the party, he did not leave it in 1981 when others did.’
    • ‘On the domestic side, however, he seems to have placated the right wing of the Republican Party.’
    • ‘Speaking this week to the Democratic Leadership Council's annual conference, Clinton presented herself as a centrist capable of uniting the left and right wings of the Democratic party.’
    • ‘This Republican right wing wields political power far beyond its popular support.’
    • ‘And on the other hand by making a moral issue of it she is virtually playing into the hands of the right wing and other reactionary elements!’
    • ‘Both are conservative politicians with roots in the right wing of the Solidarity movement.’
    • ‘The working people must build their own political party to defeat the intrigues of the right wing and defend their basic rights.’
  • 2The right side of a team on the field in soccer, rugby, and field hockey.

    ‘he reverted to his normal position on the right wing’
    • ‘It was a needlessly conceded free-kick out on the right wing, and as it was sent in across the edge of the six-yard box, the Milan players were queuing up to nod it home.’
    • ‘The referee awards Ukraine a free-kick out on the right wing.’
    • ‘Portugal win a free-kick on the right wing which is lobbed straight into Nikopolidis's air-space.’
    • ‘Karel Poborsky drives the ensuing free-kick from the right wing across the edge of the Greek six yard box.’
    • ‘The position on the right wing where he had played all his life, and where he excelled, was already occupied by former world player of the year Luis Figo.’
    • ‘Ryan Casey put Galway ahead after just five minutes when his free kick from the right wing deceived Declan Kilkelly in the Mayo goal.’
    • ‘A high ball was launched into the goalmouth from the right wing.’
    • ‘I'm a centre midfielder but sometimes I played on the right wing or left wing for Blackburn.’
    • ‘Out on the right wing, Stuttgart win a free-kick on the edge of the Rangers box.’
    • ‘They enjoy a spate of possession down the right wing starring an amazing cameo from Mills and his absurd mix of skilful jinks and hopeless close control.’
    • ‘Sergio squeezes a ball down the right wing towards Valeron.’
    • ‘Ah, I speak too soon; Cole gifts the ball to Tofting on the right wing, although his deep cross is a waste of everyone's time.’
    • ‘Thierry Henry takes on and beats Sergio down the right wing.’
    • ‘Solano lofts a peach of a pass up the right wing for Dyer.’
    • ‘Sweden's Mattias Jonson does well to get in a good cross from the right wing, but it's too high for Freddie Ljungberg to get his head to.’
    • ‘Unmarked in the box, Aruna slots home a low cross from Wilhelmsson, who sauntered down the right wing unchallenged.’
    • ‘Derlei attacks down the right wing and wins a corner for Porto.’
    • ‘Rommedahl takes on Sarr down the right wing but loses the ball.’
    • ‘Great ball from Zambrotta, whose long pass down the right wing is volleyed ridiculously high and wide by Iaquinta.’
    • ‘Alessandro Costacurta crosses from the right wing, but Francesco Toldo plucks the ball safely from the air.’
    1. 2.1The right side of an army.
      ‘at Austerlitz in 1805 he commanded the right wing of the Allied army’
      • ‘He ordered his archers to ready their bows as the right wing of the Chin army came within range.’
      • ‘Only the right wing of the Hanoverian army, led by Maj Gen Huske and Brig Cholmondley, held.’
      • ‘In addition, military planners weakened the right wing by flirting with a double-wing envelopment.’
      • ‘That created a favorable situation for a counterattack by the right wing of the Central Front.’
      • ‘The mission of the centre armies, south-east of Metz, was to support the right wing by fixing as many French forces in Lorraine as possible.’


  • Advocating or taking measures to promote free enterprise and private ownership, and typically favouring socially traditional ideas; conservative.

    ‘their allies are starting to push back against the mostly right-wing criticism’
    • ‘he's very right wing’
    • ‘No other country possesses so many laws against right-wing extremism as Germany.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago it was right-wing governments who took on and defeated the trade unions.’
    • ‘It was an attempt by a weakened government to placate right-wing critics in Britain.’
    • ‘A grand coalition will clearly be more right-wing than either of these governments.’
    • ‘Why do right-wing newspapers always like me so much more than left-wing ones?’
    • ‘Charles Kennedy is the latest liberal to be lynched by the right-wing press.’
    • ‘It is a centre for right-wing elements particularly prone to acts of violence.’
    • ‘You could say the same about being raised religious, or right-wing, or paranoid about getting fat.’
    • ‘It has lied and lied again in the service of the most right-wing and authoritarian forces.’
    • ‘The Conservative Party and the right wing tabloid press, led by the Sun, were overjoyed at the appeal court's decision.’
    • ‘The neo-liberal constitution was supported by the leadership of the Socialist Party and the right wing government.’
    • ‘One thing I worry about, though, is the increased support for the right wing parties like the BNP.’
    • ‘Civil servants must not be members of extreme left or right wing political parties - though they can be members of mainstream parties.’
    • ‘This only succeeded in strengthening the right wing parties by shifting the political debate onto their territory.’
    • ‘Not that long ago, the right wing press and the Conservative party would have united in outrage at allowing the sale of a morning after pill to teenagers.’
    • ‘This happened at a time when the right wing parties and large parts of the media were promoting a change of government.’
    • ‘At the time of the Bologna Bombing, the CIA was anxious to ‘support right wing parties’ in Italy.’
    conservative, rightist


Late Middle English (in sense ‘right side of an army’). The political meaning arose with reference to the National Assembly in France (1789–91), where the nobles sat to the president's right and the commons to the left.